WASZP European Games 2023

Tier 2 | Championship

ENVSN, France

16 July 2023 - 23 July 2023

Event Information:
Final day of racing is 22 July. Enjoy the evening and drive home safe on 23 July!

Head to one of the best foiling venues in Europe for a massive European Games!

Quiberon is the perfect venue for WASZP sailing - a beautiful bay protected from the Atlantic by a low-lying, narrow peninsula, which means flat water and clear breeze. The ENVSN has it all for a venue, with easy launching and loads of space!

Within walking distance of the venue are miles of sandy beaches - both surf beaches and sheltered beaches. There are also campsites within walking distance and a wide selection of other holiday accommodation. Supermarkets, bars and restaurants are also nearby.

This is the perfect holiday destination and a great place to bring the family!



You can pay any time by logging into your account, heading to 'my event entries' and clicking the 'pay now' button.

Early entry fee: €370 before 1 May 2023 -> €410 after 1 May.

*We understand the entry fee is higher than usual. Over the last year, the price of everything has increased significantly but you can be sure we are working to make the event great value for the sailors. There is no profit in this for the International Class or French Class - instead we will spend every cent of the entry fees and more to make the event as rewarding and enjoyable as possible for all sailors*


Check out the charter boats tab above to see available charter boats for the event. Do you have a boat available you want to charter? Go ahead and advertise it on that tab!


Booking accomodation at ENVSN : Booking form in English – stays at ENVSN


16 & 17: Free sailing, registration and measurement

18-22: Race days

23: drive safely back home...

INFO : If you plan new sail or new foil, tramps or any spare parts, do not hesitate to contact the local agent for booking parts and delivery on-site during the event... pre-order at : waszpfrance@gmail.com

# Competitor Name Country Sail Number Boat Name Division Sail Size
1 Pablo Astiazaran Pérez-Cela Spain 2830 Junior 8.2m
2 Ettore Botticini Italy 3135 CNVA- Ronstan Apprentice 8.2m
3 Titus Rositzki Germany 3226 Yoda Junior 8.2m
4 Thomas Sitzmann United States 3255 Junior 8.2m
5 Thomas Engelhard France 2363 Apprentice 8.2m
6 Georgios Vasilas Greece 2979 NEMESIS Apprentice 8.2m
7 Moritz Hagenmeyer Germany 3016 Youth 8.2m
8 Kim Fernholz Germany 3328 Youth 8.2m
9 Arthur Fry United Kingdom 3154 Aussie Rules Youth 8.2m
10 Fred Giraud France 3319 Super Master 8.2m
11 Olivier Dumaine France 9999 Master 8.2m
12 Malin Karlsson Switzerland 3367 Youth 8.2m
13 Rebecca Geiger Italy 3071 Junior 6.9m
14 Tommaso geiger Italy 3330 Junior 5.8m
15 Marie Butler Wang Norway 2598 HHWASZPTEAM Junior 8.2m
16 Fiona Schärer Switzerland 2338 Youth 8.2m
17 Madita Grigat Denmark 2870 Junior 6.9m
18 Pit Müller Switzerland 2194 WASZPit Super Master 8.2m
19 Antoine Lacour France 3131 Junior 8.2m
20 Ghislaine van Empel Netherlands 20000 Youth 8.2m
21 Janik Müller Switzerland 2742 Youth 8.2m
22 Alberto Morales Hernández Spain 2690 Morales Asesores Youth 8.2m
23 Niclas Burdon Germany 2917 Junior 8.2m
24 Thierry Levayer France 3395 Super Master 8.2m
25 Raphael Donazzon France 3393 Junior 6.9m
26 Victor Melchior Denmark 2822 Junior 8.2m
27 Magnus Overbeck Denmark 2814 Asta Youth 8.2m
28 Antonin Radü Switzerland 2876 Leeuwin III Junior 8.2m
29 Gert Steinthaler Austria 3219 Lisa Super Master 8.2m
30 Steven Forteith United Kingdom 2794 Alice Master 8.2m
31 Jacob wærsten Norway 2592 Junior 8.2m
32 Ben miller United Kingdom 2156 Apprentice 8.2m
33 joão Prieto Portugal 2384 Apprentice 8.2m
34 Hattie Rogers United Kingdom 2932 Youth 8.2m
35 Ross Banham United Kingdom 3168 Serena Youth 8.2m
36 Bart van den Berg Netherlands 2732 Bilgepompen.nl Junior 8.2m
37 Hanno Seifert Sweden 2709 Junior 8.2m
38 Joseph Lamiot France 2552 Jojo Junior 8.2m
39 Alexis Just France 2000 Youth 8.2m
40 Roo Purves United Kingdom 3503 Eyemouth Marine Junior 8.2m
41 Anton Germershausen Germany 3020 Stachel Youth 8.2m
42 Nick Zeltner Switzerland 3287 Youth 8.2m
43 Antoine Coadou France 2547 Waszp EV Cherbourg Apprentice 8.2m
44 Julia Gebhard Germany 3103 Speedy Bat Junior 8.2m
45 Jean-Etienne Dore France 2473 virevolt Master 8.2m
46 Mårten HIllig Norway 2323 Junior 8.2m
47 Nicolas Duchoud Switzerland 2536 Master 8.2m
48 Titouan Petard France 2935 TERIA Youth 8.2m
49 Hippolyte Gruet France 2261 E-CERVO Youth 8.2m
50 Louisa Müller Germany 3197 Junior 8.2m
51 Pierre Poitevin France 2222 / Master 8.2m
52 Batbold Gruner Germany 3112 Junior 8.2m
53 Elouen Arnaud France 3182 Le Zing Cafe Youth 8.2m
54 Louis Claeyssens France 3210 Apprentice 8.2m
55 Gavin Ball United States 2718 Malolo Youth 8.2m
56 Max Duez France 2386 Youth 8.2m
57 Ubach Pere-Andreu Spain 2257 Baldriga Master 8.2m
58 Christine Gyllenhammar-Wiig Norway 2315 Junior 8.2m
59 Pierre Dalibot France 2158 Voltige! Master 8.2m
60 Claude Wurtz France 3033 Super Master 8.2m
61 Julian Hipp Germany 2859 Apprentice 8.2m
62 Rhys Stevenson United Kingdom 3098 Motion of the Ocean Junior 8.2m
63 Yannick Marcillat France 2882 Super Master 8.2m
64 Arthur Serra France 3081 Junior 8.2m
65 Philip Bendon Ireland 3405 Alfie Apprentice 8.2m
66 Mathilde Geron France 3369 Apprentice 8.2m
67 Jervis Tilly Australia 3268 FAST Super Master 8.2m
68 Louis Tilly Australia 3263 2 FAST Junior 8.2m
69 Henrique Brites Portugal 2801 Marisco na Praça Youth 8.2m
70 David Aubin Belgium 2860 Azor Master 8.2m
71 Nathan Sassy France 3045 Youth 8.2m
72 Ben Harris United Kingdom 2517 Sendy Wendy II Youth 8.2m
73 Zac Blomeley United Kingdom 3243 Oceana Youth 8.2m
74 Micha de Weck Switzerland 3193 KATANA / PARASOL UNIT Junior 8.2m
Place Competitor Name Sail Number Boat Name Country Sail Size Division Score Points
Pablo Astiazaran Pérez-Cela 2830 Spain 8.2m Junior
Ettore Botticini 3135 CNVA- Ronstan Italy 8.2m Apprentice
Titus Rositzki 3226 Yoda Germany 8.2m Junior
Thomas Sitzmann 3255 United States 8.2m Junior
Thomas Engelhard 2363 France 8.2m Apprentice
Georgios Vasilas 2979 NEMESIS Greece 8.2m Apprentice
Moritz Hagenmeyer 3016 Germany 8.2m Youth
Kim Fernholz 3328 Germany 8.2m Youth
Arthur Fry 3154 Aussie Rules United Kingdom 8.2m Youth
Fred Giraud 3319 France 8.2m Super Master
Olivier Dumaine 9999 France 8.2m Master
Malin Karlsson 3367 Switzerland 8.2m Youth
Rebecca Geiger 3071 Italy 6.9m Junior
Tommaso geiger 3330 Italy 5.8m Junior
Marie Butler Wang 2598 HHWASZPTEAM Norway 8.2m Junior
Fiona Schärer 2338 Switzerland 8.2m Youth
Madita Grigat 2870 Denmark 6.9m Junior
Pit Müller 2194 WASZPit Switzerland 8.2m Super Master
Antoine Lacour 3131 France 8.2m Junior
Ghislaine van Empel 20000 Netherlands 8.2m Youth
Janik Müller 2742 Switzerland 8.2m Youth
Alberto Morales Hernández 2690 Morales Asesores Spain 8.2m Youth
Niclas Burdon 2917 Germany 8.2m Junior
Thierry Levayer 3395 France 8.2m Super Master
Raphael Donazzon 3393 France 6.9m Junior
Victor Melchior 2822 Denmark 8.2m Junior
Magnus Overbeck 2814 Asta Denmark 8.2m Youth
Antonin Radü 2876 Leeuwin III Switzerland 8.2m Junior
Gert Steinthaler 3219 Lisa Austria 8.2m Super Master
Steven Forteith 2794 Alice United Kingdom 8.2m Master
Jacob wærsten 2592 Norway 8.2m Junior
Ben miller 2156 United Kingdom 8.2m Apprentice
joão Prieto 2384 Portugal 8.2m Apprentice
Hattie Rogers 2932 United Kingdom 8.2m Youth
Ross Banham 3168 Serena United Kingdom 8.2m Youth
Bart van den Berg 2732 Bilgepompen.nl Netherlands 8.2m Junior
Hanno Seifert 2709 Sweden 8.2m Junior
Joseph Lamiot 2552 Jojo France 8.2m Junior
Alexis Just 2000 France 8.2m Youth
Roo Purves 3503 Eyemouth Marine United Kingdom 8.2m Junior
Anton Germershausen 3020 Stachel Germany 8.2m Youth
Nick Zeltner 3287 Switzerland 8.2m Youth
Antoine Coadou 2547 Waszp EV Cherbourg France 8.2m Apprentice
Julia Gebhard 3103 Speedy Bat Germany 8.2m Junior
Jean-Etienne Dore 2473 virevolt France 8.2m Master
Mårten HIllig 2323 Norway 8.2m Junior
Nicolas Duchoud 2536 Switzerland 8.2m Master
Titouan Petard 2935 TERIA France 8.2m Youth
Hippolyte Gruet 2261 E-CERVO France 8.2m Youth
Louisa Müller 3197 Germany 8.2m Junior
Pierre Poitevin 2222 / France 8.2m Master
Batbold Gruner 3112 Germany 8.2m Junior
Elouen Arnaud 3182 Le Zing Cafe France 8.2m Youth
Louis Claeyssens 3210 France 8.2m Apprentice
Gavin Ball 2718 Malolo United States 8.2m Youth
Max Duez 2386 France 8.2m Youth
Ubach Pere-Andreu 2257 Baldriga Spain 8.2m Master
Christine Gyllenhammar-Wiig 2315 Norway 8.2m Junior
Pierre Dalibot 2158 Voltige! France 8.2m Master
Claude Wurtz 3033 France 8.2m Super Master
Julian Hipp 2859 Germany 8.2m Apprentice
Rhys Stevenson 3098 Motion of the Ocean United Kingdom 8.2m Junior
Yannick Marcillat 2882 France 8.2m Super Master
Arthur Serra 3081 France 8.2m Junior
Philip Bendon 3405 Alfie Ireland 8.2m Apprentice
Mathilde Geron 3369 France 8.2m Apprentice
Jervis Tilly 3268 FAST Australia 8.2m Super Master
Louis Tilly 3263 2 FAST Australia 8.2m Junior
Henrique Brites 2801 Marisco na Praça Portugal 8.2m Youth
David Aubin 2860 Azor Belgium 8.2m Master
Nathan Sassy 3045 France 8.2m Youth
Ben Harris 2517 Sendy Wendy II United Kingdom 8.2m Youth
Zac Blomeley 3243 Oceana United Kingdom 8.2m Youth
Micha de Weck 3193 KATANA / PARASOL UNIT Switzerland 8.2m Junior

Event Notice Board

NTC # 1 - Règles Technique et de sécurité des support à foils (Fr)
Posted: 25 February 2023
NTC # 2 - Technical and Safety rules for Foil support (UK)
Posted: 25 February 2023
NTC # 3 - Notice of Race - UK
Posted: 26 March 2023
NTC # 4 - Avis de Course - Francais
Posted: 26 March 2023

Event Charter Boats

WASZP takes no responsibility in the transactions that take place between sailors relating to the charters. These are private transactions outside of the WASZP organization. WASZP takes no responsibility for the quality of the charters or any issues that occur between the parties.

Charter Boats Available

User Message
Simone malagugini We have till 4 boats available for the European in quiberon, two of them are the world champ boats at Malcesine Waszp Game 2022 ( overall and women ) Contact
Manu Guedon I have 2 WASZP for rent for the European WASZP Games Contact

Sailors looking to charter boats

User Message
Calum Stevenson I am looking for a charter boat with an 8.2 rig. Contact
Peter Graham Hi, Peter here from New Zealand super keen to attend the waszp Europeans if I can find a charter boat from the 14th July to 22nd, thanks Contact