About RaceHub


With the continual growth of the WASZP class and new fleets building around the world, the WASZP event schedule is filling up quickly. Now with over 1000 boats and representation in 44 countries and counting, you can be sure that on any given day, somebody somewhere is having an awesome time WASZP sailing. By the time the sailing seasons come around, opportunities to train, race or simply go for a blast with other members of the swarm are everywhere. A busy event schedule is great for our sailors, so at WASZP, we’re doing everything we can to support our members and national associations as things heat up. That’s where RaceHub comes in.

RaceHub is the new WASZP class management platform. It features every WASZP event happening across the world, including Championship racing, GPS regattas and WASZP virtual reality eSailing. It takes the results from those events and, for International WASZP Class Members (IWCM), translates them into points for our global rankings system. Any WASZP regatta with more than 10 boats anywhere in the world qualifies for ranking points, so virtually every single sailor in our community can get on the start line, earn some points and claim their spot on the table. Even a sailor that is totally isolated can still get their name on the board by entering one of our GPS or eSailing regattas and earn points that way. This allows all WASZP sailors out there can get involved and can keep an eye on how their friends and rivals are getting on too.

As well as being the place for sailors to keep track of events, results and the progress of their overseas peers, RaceHub will become a priceless tool for national associations. The platform will have a phased roll-out with functionality in phase 2 for each national association to build its own events, take entry fees, manage its national class association membership fees and in phase 3 we hope to have the ability to publish class documents, organise training and communicate efficiently with its database of sailors. Tailored specifically for the WASZP class, RaceHub will be the only website that any national association will need to manage its entire program. By 2022, we aim to have all national associations using the platform to support WASZP sailors everywhere and feed more events back into the global rankings system.

With the sailor experience at the forefront of everything we do at WASZP, we will use the power of Racehub to develop more features that make WASZP sailing easier, cheaper and even more rewarding. Things like paperless event registration, discount vouchers from sponsors, preferential logistics solutions for events and an intra-class messaging system that will encourage sailors to connect and sail together will all become part of the package.

The WASZP class is getting pretty big and our community has a massive spread, but that’s no excuse for losing touch with one another. Thanks to RaceHub, the community is now more connected than ever, and the future of the class is seriously exciting. Whoever you are, wherever you are; if you have access to a WASZP, you can be part of it.

Key Points & FAQ:

1. How do I gain ranking points?

You must be a member of the International WASZP Class Membership (IWCM) to be eligible for rankings points.

2. If I sign up after I compete in an event, will the results from that event count towards my rankings points?

Yes. If you sign up later in the year, your results will be backdated for that calendar year. So as an example, if you competed in an event in January and pay your membership in March, you will still receive rankings points from that event in January. Once you pay, your points will be updated within 48 hours by the WASZP Class Manager.

3. What are the tiers?

Tier 1 - International WASZP Games

Tier 2 - Continental Championships – Euros/Pacific/Americas

Tier 3 - Nationals/EuroCups/Domestic events + every event registered with over 10 boats in attendance

4. How do the rankings work?

Tier 1 and 2 have set rankings points that don’t change depending on fleet sizes. Tier 3 events have a sliding scale based on how many boats attend. For example, if you win an event in a 50-boat fleet you receive more points than winning an event with a 10-boat fleet.

5. What is the GPS Platform and how do I gain points?

www.gps-waszp.com is set up so every sailor, no matter what device they are using, can log a session. There are instructions on the platform on how to create an account and how to log a session as well as on our YouTube Channel. There will be events hosted by WASZP with prizes associated with those events. You can gain rankings points under Tier 3 for each competition.

6. What about VR eSailing?

When you buy a membership, you receive an access code and can use this to activate your subscription. This is a long-term game changer, and we will be running VR events alongside our major championships. This game will connect more sailors than ever from around the globe. Checkout MarineVerse to learn more.

7. What other incentives are there for purchasing an IWCM?

As we move through the year you will receive discounts on EuroCup entry, select shop items (event based) and access to any benefits from our commercial partners. This membership will pay for itself very quickly and every WASZP sailor should jump on board. Your membership allows the class to continue to develop and long term we will be able to increase what the class itself can do to assist the sailors. This is all about the sailor and providing as much benefit as we can after your initial purchase of a boat. Thanks for your support


Tier Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 3 Tier 3 Tier 3 Tier 3 Tier 3
Competitors N/A N/A >45 35-44 24-34 16-23 10-15 <10
1 2000 1200 700 400 250 150 75 0
2 1747 1034 600 347 217 129 55 0
3 1525 892 513 301 189 111 40 0
4 1332 769 440 261 164 95 30 0
5 1163 662 377 227 143 82 22 0
6 1016 571 323 197 124 70 16 0
7 887 492 276 171 108 60 12 0
8 775 424 237 148 94 52 9 0
9 676 366 203 129 81 45 6.4 0
10 591 315 174 112 71 38 4.7 0
11 516 272 149 97 61 33 3.4 0
12 450 234 127 84 53 28 2.5 0
13 393 202 109 73 46 24 1.9 0
14 344 174 93 63 40 21 1.4 0
15 300 150 80 55 35 18 1 0


For more information about RaceHub or getting involved please contact the WASZP Class Manager, Martin Evans via class@waszp.com.