WASZP Class Rules


The WASZP has been created as a strict one-design foiler, where the true test when raced is between crews and not boats and equipment.

The fundamental objective of these class rules is to ensure that this concept is maintained. Keeping possible modifications to a minimum ensures fair racing across the fleet, helps to reduce the overall cost to the sailor and reduces the amount of time in the workshop. When a sailor buys a WASZP, the boat is instantly competitive without needing additional time or cost. These rules aim to uphold that value so that sailors can focus on the best bit of owning a WASZP – sailing it!

The popularity of the WASZP has proven that the boat and the concept work. As a result, WASZP sailors are now part of the world’s most active and friendly sailing community.


For more information about the WASZP Class Rules please contact the WASZP Class Manager, Martin Evans via class@waszp.com.