UK National Championships and SailGP Qualifier

Tier 3 | Championship

WPNSA, United Kingdom

23 June 2022 - 26 June 2022

UK WASZP Class Membership 2022 is required to enter this event.

Event Information:

The biggest event of the UK calendar and the biggest domestic WASZP event in the world!

Sailors of all abilities are encouraged to take part and race on Portland Harbour - a world-class foiling venue.

  • Quality championship and slalom racing
  • Endless learning opportunities
  • Knockout socials

There will be warm-up training for all abilities from Monday to Wednesday prior to the event.

Early entry fee before 1st June 2022: £180

4 qualification spots (2 male, 2 female) will be available for SailGP Inspire in Plymouth from this event. All sailors must complete the Inspire application here and must be U21 on 31 December 2022.

# Competitor Name Country Sail Number Boat Name Division Sail Size
1 Isabelle Fellows United Kingdom 3124 Maureen Youth 8.2m
2 Sean Purdy United Kingdom 2030 Diabolito Super Master 8.2m
3 wilf taylor United Kingdom 3078 waszpig Junior 8.2m
4 Rob Thomas United Kingdom 2074 Kappellskär Super Master 8.2m
5 rory United Kingdom 2305 the blue rocket Junior 8.2m
6 Ewan Wilson United Kingdom 2524 Junior 8.2m
7 Andrew Bridgman United Kingdom 2786 Barbarosa Apprentice 8.2m
8 William Symonds United Kingdom 2479 Geddon Junior 8.2m
9 Eve Kennedy United Kingdom 2301 Gwen Junior 8.2m
10 James Deaton United Kingdom 2333 Junior 8.2m
11 Ross Ferguson United Kingdom 2704 Junior 8.2m
12 Iain Ferguson United Kingdom 2616 Fast & Furious Master 8.2m
13 Alice Senior United Kingdom 3231 Winnie Youth 6.9m
14 jemima owens Ireland 2464 Youth 6.9m
15 Henry Start Ireland 2752 Youth 8.2m
16 Nick Zeltner Switzerland 3053 Youth 8.2m
17 Max Goodbody Ireland 3041 Octopussy Junior 8.2m
18 Duncan Hepplewhite United Kingdom 2019 Master 8.2m
19 Peter Deming United Kingdom 2475 Master 8.2m
20 Martin Evans United Kingdom 2511 Stinging Belle Apprentice 8.2m
21 Jack Woolterton United Kingdom 3073 Junior 6.9m
22 Hattie Rogers United Kingdom 2932 Youth 8.2m
23 chris holman United Kingdom 2242 Apprentice 8.2m
24 Bruce Allan United Kingdom 3119 Bruiser Cruiser Super Master 8.2m
25 Arthur Fry United Kingdom 3154 Aussie Rules Youth 8.2m
26 Rachael Jenkins United Kingdom 3241 Master 6.9m
27 Christian Smart United Kingdom 2375 Master 8.2m
28 Adam Raeburn-James United Kingdom 2610 Splat Super Master 8.2m
29 Andrew Voysey United Kingdom 2797 Forecast Call Super Master 8.2m
30 Andy mcivor United Kingdom 3238 Wingardium leviosa Master 8.2m
31 Ben Harris United Kingdom 2517 Sendy Wendy II Youth 8.2m
32 Lewis Clark United Kingdom 2976 Pamela Junior 8.2m
33 Tom Pollard United Kingdom 2799 Youth 8.2m
34 Ross Banham United Kingdom 3168 Serena Youth 8.2m
35 Jasmine Boote United Kingdom 3120 Youth 8.2m
36 Sam Whaley United Kingdom 3139 Boeing 787 Youth 8.2m
Place Competitor Name Sail Number Boat Name Country Sail Size Division Score Points
Isabelle Fellows 3124 Maureen United Kingdom 8.2m Youth
Sean Purdy 2030 Diabolito United Kingdom 8.2m Super Master
wilf taylor 3078 waszpig United Kingdom 8.2m Junior
Rob Thomas 2074 Kappellskär United Kingdom 8.2m Super Master
rory 2305 the blue rocket United Kingdom 8.2m Junior
Ewan Wilson 2524 United Kingdom 8.2m Junior
Andrew Bridgman 2786 Barbarosa United Kingdom 8.2m Apprentice
William Symonds 2479 Geddon United Kingdom 8.2m Junior
Eve Kennedy 2301 Gwen United Kingdom 8.2m Junior
James Deaton 2333 United Kingdom 8.2m Junior
Ross Ferguson 2704 United Kingdom 8.2m Junior
Iain Ferguson 2616 Fast & Furious United Kingdom 8.2m Master
Alice Senior 3231 Winnie United Kingdom 6.9m Youth
jemima owens 2464 Ireland 6.9m Youth
Henry Start 2752 Ireland 8.2m Youth
Nick Zeltner 3053 Switzerland 8.2m Youth
Max Goodbody 3041 Octopussy Ireland 8.2m Junior
Duncan Hepplewhite 2019 United Kingdom 8.2m Master
Peter Deming 2475 United Kingdom 8.2m Master
Martin Evans 2511 Stinging Belle United Kingdom 8.2m Apprentice
Jack Woolterton 3073 United Kingdom 6.9m Junior
Hattie Rogers 2932 United Kingdom 8.2m Youth
chris holman 2242 United Kingdom 8.2m Apprentice
Bruce Allan 3119 Bruiser Cruiser United Kingdom 8.2m Super Master
Arthur Fry 3154 Aussie Rules United Kingdom 8.2m Youth
Rachael Jenkins 3241 United Kingdom 6.9m Master
Christian Smart 2375 United Kingdom 8.2m Master
Adam Raeburn-James 2610 Splat United Kingdom 8.2m Super Master
Andrew Voysey 2797 Forecast Call United Kingdom 8.2m Super Master
Andy mcivor 3238 Wingardium leviosa United Kingdom 8.2m Master
Ben Harris 2517 Sendy Wendy II United Kingdom 8.2m Youth
Lewis Clark 2976 Pamela United Kingdom 8.2m Junior
Tom Pollard 2799 United Kingdom 8.2m Youth
Ross Banham 3168 Serena United Kingdom 8.2m Youth
Jasmine Boote 3120 United Kingdom 8.2m Youth
Sam Whaley 3139 Boeing 787 United Kingdom 8.2m Youth

Event Notice Board

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