European Championships

Tier 2 | Championship

Sandefjord Seilforening, Norway

08 August 2021 - 14 August 2021

Entry Fee: EUR 210

International WASZP Class Membership is required to enter this event.

Event Information:

The biggest WASZP event of 2021!

Competitor Name Country Sail Number Division Sail Size
Arthur Fry United Kingdom 2699 Junior 8.2m
Ross Banham United Kingdom 2429 Junior 8.2m
Hattie Rogers United Kingdom 2932 Junior 8.2m
Pit Müller Switzerland 2194 Master 8.2m
Malthe Ebdrup Denmark 2822 Junior 8.2m
Jacob wærsten Norway 2592 Junior 8.2m
Filippa Henriksson Sweden 2535 Junior 8.2m
Zac Blomeley United Kingdom 2263 Junior 8.2m
Ulrich Volz Switzerland 2618 Master 8.2m
Marcus O Leary Ireland 3031 Junior 8.2m
Zach Severson United States 2716 Junior 8.2m
Hanno Seifert Sweden 2709 Junior 8.2m
Max Goodbody Ireland 3041 Junior 8.2m
emanuele savoini Italy 2944 Master 8.2m
enzio savoini Italy 2943 Apprentice 8.2m
Henry Start Ireland 2752 Apprentice 8.2m
Place Competitor Name Sail Number Country Sail Size Division Score Points
Arthur Fry 2699 United Kingdom 8.2m Junior
Ross Banham 2429 United Kingdom 8.2m Junior
Hattie Rogers 2932 United Kingdom 8.2m Junior
Pit Müller 2194 Switzerland 8.2m Master
Malthe Ebdrup 2822 Denmark 8.2m Junior
Jacob wærsten 2592 Norway 8.2m Junior
Filippa Henriksson 2535 Sweden 8.2m Junior
Zac Blomeley 2263 United Kingdom 8.2m Junior
Ulrich Volz 2618 Switzerland 8.2m Master
Marcus O Leary 3031 Ireland 8.2m Junior
Zach Severson 2716 United States 8.2m Junior
Hanno Seifert 2709 Sweden 8.2m Junior
Max Goodbody 3041 Ireland 8.2m Junior
emanuele savoini 2944 Italy 8.2m Master
enzio savoini 2943 Italy 8.2m Apprentice
Henry Start 2752 Ireland 8.2m Apprentice