Australian WASZP Championships

Tier 3 | Championship

Perth Dinghy Sailing Club, Australia

22 January 2023 - 27 January 2023

Event Information:

The 2023 Australian WASZP Championships head back to Perth and the Swan River for some foiling perfection. Strong growth in WA sees a good local contingent who will provide a fantastic base for the fleet. Expectations are for 2x east coast containers, one from Sydney and one from Melbourne. This is going to be an epic event and one that every WASZP sailor should attend as a bucket list event!

# Competitor Name Country Sail Number Boat Name Division Sail Size
1 Louis Schofield Australia 2452 INAMORATA Youth 8.2m
2 Hanako Tomishima Australia 2776 Junior 8.2m
3 Nicholas Dunne Australia 3164 Hoobastank Junior 8.2m
4 Will Troop Australia 2680 Growler Junior 6.9m
5 Ian Louis Australia 2959 Kevin Junior 8.2m
6 Michael Honan Australia 2441 PassingWind Super Master 8.2m
7 Dan Moore Australia 2676 Custard Pie Master 8.2m
8 Alistair Murchison Australia 2677 Bandwagon Master 8.2m
9 Rohan Dean Australia 2454 Nauti Buoy II Junior 6.9m
10 Mark Louis Australia 2778 Darren Youth 8.2m
11 Marc Ablett Australia 2438 WASZP Apprentice 8.2m
12 Garry Essex Australia 3158 Shimmer Super Master 8.2m
13 Grant Alderson Australia 2652 Juggernaut Super Master 8.2m
14 David von Felten Australia 2649 Elise’s Kitchen Apprentice 8.2m
15 Stuart Milne Australia 3155 Custard Guts Super Master 8.2m
16 Keiichiro Tomishima Australia 2193 Hola Master 8.2m
17 Peter dean Australia 2496 YIRA KOOLING Master 8.2m
18 adam brett Australia 2643 veszpa Super Master 8.2m
19 Louis Tilly Australia 2650 Supercilious Junior 8.2m
20 Jervis Tilly Australia 3036 Superfluous Super Master 8.2m
Place Competitor Name Sail Number Boat Name Country Sail Size Division Score Points
Louis Schofield 2452 INAMORATA Australia 8.2m Youth
Hanako Tomishima 2776 Australia 8.2m Junior
Nicholas Dunne 3164 Hoobastank Australia 8.2m Junior
Will Troop 2680 Growler Australia 6.9m Junior
Ian Louis 2959 Kevin Australia 8.2m Junior
Michael Honan 2441 PassingWind Australia 8.2m Super Master
Dan Moore 2676 Custard Pie Australia 8.2m Master
Alistair Murchison 2677 Bandwagon Australia 8.2m Master
Rohan Dean 2454 Nauti Buoy II Australia 6.9m Junior
Mark Louis 2778 Darren Australia 8.2m Youth
Marc Ablett 2438 WASZP Australia 8.2m Apprentice
Garry Essex 3158 Shimmer Australia 8.2m Super Master
Grant Alderson 2652 Juggernaut Australia 8.2m Super Master
David von Felten 2649 Elise’s Kitchen Australia 8.2m Apprentice
Stuart Milne 3155 Custard Guts Australia 8.2m Super Master
Keiichiro Tomishima 2193 Hola Australia 8.2m Master
Peter dean 2496 YIRA KOOLING Australia 8.2m Master
adam brett 2643 veszpa Australia 8.2m Super Master
Louis Tilly 2650 Supercilious Australia 8.2m Junior
Jervis Tilly 3036 Superfluous Australia 8.2m Super Master

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