Tier 1 | Championship

Fraglia Vela Malcesine, Garda, Italy

09 July 2022 - 16 July 2022

International WASZP Class Membership 2022 is required to enter this event.

Event Information:

The 2022 WASZP Games - the biggest event on the calendar and the biggest event in WASZP history!

The spiritual home of the WASZP in Europe, we are returning to Malcesine and can not wait to welcome everyone from all over the globe to what is a premium foiling mecca!

All competitors are required to be an International WASZP Class Member to enter.

All abilities are welcome to come and enjoy incredible racing and packed out socials. Let the good time roll.

# Competitor Name Country Sail Number Boat Name Division Sail Size
1 GIOVANNI BONZIO Italy 3056 Foil Addiction Master 8.2m
2 Russell Collister United Kingdom 3076 Spike Super Master 8.2m
3 Manu Taine France 2358 Apprentice 8.2m
4 Simon Marecek Czech Republic 2572 Katrina Youth 8.2m
5 Isabelle Fellows United Kingdom 3124 Maureen Youth 8.2m
6 Matej Vitovec Czech Republic 2573 Youth 8.2m
7 Gert Steinthaler Austria 3219 Lisa Super Master 8.2m
8 Federico Pasini Italy 2671 Greg1 Apprentice 8.2m
9 Christine Gyllenhammar-Wiig Norway 2315 Junior 6.9m
10 Ewan Wilson United Kingdom 2524 Junior 8.2m
11 Pietro Caminiti Italy 2620 Dreko Junior 8.2m
12 Jospeh lamiot France 2552 Jojo Junior 8.2m
13 Jack Ferguson Australia 2631 Reynold Junior 8.2m
14 Eira Nilsson Norway 2656 Helly Hansen Junior 8.2m
15 Aron Gavin Australia 2646 Nave Stellare Apprentice 8.2m
16 Oliver Seifert Sweden 2790 Röde Orm Super Master 8.2m
17 Markus Berthet Norway 2660 Junior 8.2m
18 Hedvig Doksrød Norway 2658 Junior 8.2m
19 Adam Raeburn-James United Kingdom 2610 Splat Super Master 8.2m
20 Mathilde Bregner Robertstad Norway 2599 HH Waszp team Junior 8.2m
21 Gruet hippolyte France 2261 E-CERVO Youth 8.2m
22 Andrew Bridgman United Kingdom 2789 Barbarosa Apprentice 8.2m
23 Bertille Voets Hong Kong 2585 Junior 6.9m
24 Liva Løset Eriksen Norway 2663 Junior 8.2m
25 Ion Ander Basurto Spain 3055 Apprentice 8.2m
26 Duncan Hepplewhite United Kingdom 2019 Master 8.2m
27 Tom Pollard United Kingdom 2799 Youth 8.2m
28 Eve Kennedy United Kingdom 2301 Gwen Junior 8.2m
29 Isi Collado Font Spain 3180 Junior 8.2m
30 Hattie Rogers United Kingdom 2932 Youth 8.2m
31 Gavin Ball United States 2718 Malolo Junior 8.2m
32 Victor Samson Le Priol France 2312 WASZP Academy Junior 8.2m
33 Victor Melchior Denmark 2822 Junior 8.2m
34 Owen Hennessey United States 3246 Youth 8.2m
35 Louisa Müller Germany 3197 Junior 8.2m
36 Nora Doksrød Norway 2319 Junior 8.2m
37 Francesco De Felice Italy 3190 BLUE MONDAY Junior 8.2m
38 Magnus Overbeck Denmark 2814 Asta Junior 8.2m
39 Bruce Allan United Kingdom 3119 Bruiser Cruiser Super Master 8.2m
40 George Wills New Zealand 3146 Master 8.2m
41 Adriano Vazquez Spain 2803 Junior 6.9m
42 Mikel Vazquez Spain 3191 Ralph Hinckley Super Master 8.2m
43 Mateusz Pusz Poland 2977 Master 8.2m
44 Bart van den Berg Netherlands 2732 www.bilgepompen.nl Junior 8.2m
45 Moritz Hagenmeyer Germany 3016 Junior 8.2m
46 Luigi Buzzi Italy 3198 waszperos Apprentice 8.2m
47 Micha de Weck Switzerland 3193 Junior 6.9m
48 Conall Green Australia 2439 HORNET Junior 8.2m
49 Lachlan Pearman Australia 3040 Purple People Easter Apprentice 8.2m
50 Georgios Vasilas Greece 2979 NEMESIS Apprentice 8.2m
51 Peter Deming United Kingdom 2475 Master 8.2m
52 Ole Kuck Germany 2920 Apprentice 8.2m
53 Oliver Demjén Hungary 2668 Junior 8.2m
54 Marc Ablett Australia 2438 WASZP Apprentice 8.2m
55 Marie Butler Wang Norway 2598 HHWASZPTEAM Junior 8.2m
56 Sam Street New Zealand 2171 Barry Youth 8.2m
57 Eliott Savelon Netherlands 2869 Magic Marine, Sailcenter Youth 8.2m
58 Mark Louis Australia 2778 Darren Youth 8.2m
59 Jacob wærsten Norway 2592 Junior 8.2m
60 Arthur Fry United Kingdom 3154 Aussie Rules Youth 8.2m
61 Steven Forteith United Kingdom 2794 Alice Master 8.2m
62 Ross Banham United Kingdom 3168 Serena Youth 8.2m
63 Malo PREMEL France 2363 I Believe I Can Fly Apprentice 8.2m
64 Louis Schofield Australia 2452 INAMORATA Youth 8.2m
65 Batbold Gruner Germany 3112 Junior 8.2m
66 Georgia Goodbody Ireland 3079 Junior 6.9m
67 Maxime DONAZZON France 2648 Blue Spirit Junior 6.9m
68 Marcus O Leary Ireland 3150 Junior 8.2m
69 Louis Tilly Australia 2650 Supercilious Junior 8.2m
70 Antonin Radü Switzerland 2876 Leeuwin III Junior 6.9m
71 Jervis Tilly Australia 3036 Superfluous Super Master 8.2m
72 Ettore Botticini Italy 3135 Apprentice 8.2m
73 Julia Gebhard Germany 3103 Junior 8.2m
74 Jasmine Boote United Kingdom 3120 Youth 8.2m
75 Lewis Clark United Kingdom 2976 Pamela Junior 8.2m
76 Florian Jungbauer Germany 3022 Apprentice 8.2m
77 Stephane Verhaeghe Australia 2772 Le grand bleu Master 8.2m
78 Thomas Hersperger Switzerland 2014 - Master 8.2m
79 Andrew Voysey United Kingdom 2797 Forecast Call Master 8.2m
80 Hanno Seifert Sweden 2709 Junior 8.2m
81 BRETAGNE Lilyan France 3209 SKX Yachting Junior 8.2m
82 Pia Henriette Brun Tveita Norway 2315 Pinkie Junior 6.9m
83 Ben miller United Kingdom 2156 Apprentice 8.2m
84 Elise Beavis New Zealand 2169 Apprentice 8.2m
85 Garry Essex Australia 3158 Shimmer Super Master 8.2m
86 Claudio Lenzi Italy 2150 LENZP Master 8.2m
87 Titus Rositzki Germany 2844 Junior 8.2m
88 Pit Müller Switzerland 2194 WASZPit Master 8.2m
89 Nathan Sassy France 2527 Youth 8.2m
90 Mikal Christian Brun Tveita Norway 2321 Junior 8.2m
91 Max Goodbody Ireland 3041 Octopussy Junior 8.2m
92 Sam Whaley United Kingdom 3139 Youth 8.2m
93 Nick Zeltner Switzerland 3053 Youth 8.2m
94 Linus Rindsfüser Switzerland 3063 Chironex Fleckeri Youth 8.2m
95 Jann Schuepbach Switzerland 3062 Exocoetida Youth 8.2m
96 Manu Guedon France 3210 West Paysages Master 8.2m
97 Chris Lynn Australia 2438 Apprentice 8.2m
Place Competitor Name Sail Number Boat Name Country Sail Size Division Score Points
GIOVANNI BONZIO 3056 Foil Addiction Italy 8.2m Master
Russell Collister 3076 Spike United Kingdom 8.2m Super Master
Manu Taine 2358 France 8.2m Apprentice
Simon Marecek 2572 Katrina Czech Republic 8.2m Youth
Isabelle Fellows 3124 Maureen United Kingdom 8.2m Youth
Matej Vitovec 2573 Czech Republic 8.2m Youth
Gert Steinthaler 3219 Lisa Austria 8.2m Super Master
Federico Pasini 2671 Greg1 Italy 8.2m Apprentice
Christine Gyllenhammar-Wiig 2315 Norway 6.9m Junior
Ewan Wilson 2524 United Kingdom 8.2m Junior
Pietro Caminiti 2620 Dreko Italy 8.2m Junior
Jospeh lamiot 2552 Jojo France 8.2m Junior
Jack Ferguson 2631 Reynold Australia 8.2m Junior
Eira Nilsson 2656 Helly Hansen Norway 8.2m Junior
Aron Gavin 2646 Nave Stellare Australia 8.2m Apprentice
Oliver Seifert 2790 Röde Orm Sweden 8.2m Super Master
Markus Berthet 2660 Norway 8.2m Junior
Hedvig Doksrød 2658 Norway 8.2m Junior
Adam Raeburn-James 2610 Splat United Kingdom 8.2m Super Master
Mathilde Bregner Robertstad 2599 HH Waszp team Norway 8.2m Junior
Gruet hippolyte 2261 E-CERVO France 8.2m Youth
Andrew Bridgman 2789 Barbarosa United Kingdom 8.2m Apprentice
Bertille Voets 2585 Hong Kong 6.9m Junior
Liva Løset Eriksen 2663 Norway 8.2m Junior
Ion Ander Basurto 3055 Spain 8.2m Apprentice
Duncan Hepplewhite 2019 United Kingdom 8.2m Master
Tom Pollard 2799 United Kingdom 8.2m Youth
Eve Kennedy 2301 Gwen United Kingdom 8.2m Junior
Isi Collado Font 3180 Spain 8.2m Junior
Hattie Rogers 2932 United Kingdom 8.2m Youth
Gavin Ball 2718 Malolo United States 8.2m Junior
Victor Samson Le Priol 2312 WASZP Academy France 8.2m Junior
Victor Melchior 2822 Denmark 8.2m Junior
Owen Hennessey 3246 United States 8.2m Youth
Louisa Müller 3197 Germany 8.2m Junior
Nora Doksrød 2319 Norway 8.2m Junior
Francesco De Felice 3190 BLUE MONDAY Italy 8.2m Junior
Magnus Overbeck 2814 Asta Denmark 8.2m Junior
Bruce Allan 3119 Bruiser Cruiser United Kingdom 8.2m Super Master
George Wills 3146 New Zealand 8.2m Master
Adriano Vazquez 2803 Spain 6.9m Junior
Mikel Vazquez 3191 Ralph Hinckley Spain 8.2m Super Master
Mateusz Pusz 2977 Poland 8.2m Master
Bart van den Berg 2732 www.bilgepompen.nl Netherlands 8.2m Junior
Moritz Hagenmeyer 3016 Germany 8.2m Junior
Luigi Buzzi 3198 waszperos Italy 8.2m Apprentice
Micha de Weck 3193 Switzerland 6.9m Junior
Conall Green 2439 HORNET Australia 8.2m Junior
Lachlan Pearman 3040 Purple People Easter Australia 8.2m Apprentice
Georgios Vasilas 2979 NEMESIS Greece 8.2m Apprentice
Peter Deming 2475 United Kingdom 8.2m Master
Ole Kuck 2920 Germany 8.2m Apprentice
Oliver Demjén 2668 Hungary 8.2m Junior
Marc Ablett 2438 WASZP Australia 8.2m Apprentice
Marie Butler Wang 2598 HHWASZPTEAM Norway 8.2m Junior
Sam Street 2171 Barry New Zealand 8.2m Youth
Eliott Savelon 2869 Magic Marine, Sailcenter Netherlands 8.2m Youth
Mark Louis 2778 Darren Australia 8.2m Youth
Jacob wærsten 2592 Norway 8.2m Junior
Arthur Fry 3154 Aussie Rules United Kingdom 8.2m Youth
Steven Forteith 2794 Alice United Kingdom 8.2m Master
Ross Banham 3168 Serena United Kingdom 8.2m Youth
Malo PREMEL 2363 I Believe I Can Fly France 8.2m Apprentice
Louis Schofield 2452 INAMORATA Australia 8.2m Youth
Batbold Gruner 3112 Germany 8.2m Junior
Georgia Goodbody 3079 Ireland 6.9m Junior
Maxime DONAZZON 2648 Blue Spirit France 6.9m Junior
Marcus O Leary 3150 Ireland 8.2m Junior
Louis Tilly 2650 Supercilious Australia 8.2m Junior
Antonin Radü 2876 Leeuwin III Switzerland 6.9m Junior
Jervis Tilly 3036 Superfluous Australia 8.2m Super Master
Ettore Botticini 3135 Italy 8.2m Apprentice
Julia Gebhard 3103 Germany 8.2m Junior
Jasmine Boote 3120 United Kingdom 8.2m Youth
Lewis Clark 2976 Pamela United Kingdom 8.2m Junior
Florian Jungbauer 3022 Germany 8.2m Apprentice
Stephane Verhaeghe 2772 Le grand bleu Australia 8.2m Master
Thomas Hersperger 2014 - Switzerland 8.2m Master
Andrew Voysey 2797 Forecast Call United Kingdom 8.2m Master
Hanno Seifert 2709 Sweden 8.2m Junior
BRETAGNE Lilyan 3209 SKX Yachting France 8.2m Junior
Pia Henriette Brun Tveita 2315 Pinkie Norway 6.9m Junior
Ben miller 2156 United Kingdom 8.2m Apprentice
Elise Beavis 2169 New Zealand 8.2m Apprentice
Garry Essex 3158 Shimmer Australia 8.2m Super Master
Claudio Lenzi 2150 LENZP Italy 8.2m Master
Titus Rositzki 2844 Germany 8.2m Junior
Pit Müller 2194 WASZPit Switzerland 8.2m Master
Nathan Sassy 2527 France 8.2m Youth
Mikal Christian Brun Tveita 2321 Norway 8.2m Junior
Max Goodbody 3041 Octopussy Ireland 8.2m Junior
Sam Whaley 3139 United Kingdom 8.2m Youth
Nick Zeltner 3053 Switzerland 8.2m Youth
Linus Rindsfüser 3063 Chironex Fleckeri Switzerland 8.2m Youth
Jann Schuepbach 3062 Exocoetida Switzerland 8.2m Youth
Manu Guedon 3210 West Paysages France 8.2m Master
Chris Lynn 2438 Australia 8.2m Apprentice

Event Notice Board

No Notice to Competitors have been published yet.

Event Charter Boats

WASZP takes no responsibility in the transactions that take place between sailors relating to the charters. These are private transactions outside of the WASZP organization. WASZP takes no responsibility for the quality of the charters or any issues that occur between the parties.

Charter Boats Available

User Message
Simone malagugini Still one boat available to Waszp Game and Foiling week Mail: simoxx86@hotmail.com Contact
Francesco Bertone Fresia brand new boat 3058, white hull, available. DryLaps: +39 3296019652 Contact

Sailors looking to charter boats

User Message
Thibault Minne Hey, I'm coming from Asia and am looking for a boat. Feel free to WhatsApp me at +852 9240 2405 with any information. Cheers :) Contact
May Proctor Hi I'm looking for a charter boat. Contact
Jack Ferguson Hi, looking for a charter boat. +61457385398. Cheers Contact