Pre-Nationals Training

Tier 4 | Training

WPNSA, United Kingdom

19 August 2024 - 21 August 2024

Entry Fee: GBP 150

Required membership: UK WASZP Membership 2024

Event Information:

3 days of training supplied by the Performance Academy and a guest WASZP coach each day!

International Sailors should contact to sign up.

# Competitor Name Country Sail Number Boat Name Division Sail Size
1 Nick Hollis United Kingdom 3472 Apprentice (21-39) 8.2m
2 Theo Smith United Kingdom 2702 Junior (U18) 6.9m
3 Toby smith United Kingdom 3400 Tigger 2.0 Junior (U18) 8.2m
4 Robert Byne United Kingdom 3638 Junior (U18) 6.9m
5 Imogen Green United Kingdom 3124 Junior (U18) 6.9m
6 Flo Tovey United Kingdom 2616 Junior (U18) 8.2m
7 Ben Anderson United Kingdom 3151 Sailingfast/Magic Marine U16 8.2m
8 Henry Start Ireland 2752 Blade Runner Apprentice (21-39) 8.2m
9 Johnny Flynn Ireland 3478 Youth (U21) 8.2m
10 Helena Mills Bowers United Kingdom 3363 U16 6.9m
Place Competitor Name Sail Number Boat Name Country Sail Size Division Score Points
Nick Hollis 3472 United Kingdom 8.2m Apprentice (21-39)
Theo Smith 2702 United Kingdom 6.9m Junior (U18)
Toby smith 3400 Tigger 2.0 United Kingdom 8.2m Junior (U18)
Robert Byne 3638 United Kingdom 6.9m Junior (U18)
Imogen Green 3124 United Kingdom 6.9m Junior (U18)
Flo Tovey 2616 United Kingdom 8.2m Junior (U18)
Ben Anderson 3151 Sailingfast/Magic Marine United Kingdom 8.2m U16
Henry Start 2752 Blade Runner Ireland 8.2m Apprentice (21-39)
Johnny Flynn 3478 Ireland 8.2m Youth (U21)
Helena Mills Bowers 3363 United Kingdom 6.9m U16

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