Isle of Wight GP & Solent Crossing

Tier 4 | Championship

Royal Victoria Yacht Club, IOW, United Kingdom

25 May 2024 - 27 May 2024

Required membership: UK WASZP Membership 2024

Event Information:


Join the Isle of Wight swarm for another year at the Royal Victoria Yacht Club!

Cross by ferry, or sail across in a group on the Friday afternoon or Saturday morning and sail back to the mainland after racing on Sunday. Solent crossing will be RIB supported and will be able to take trolleys and any gear, including camping stuff, over the water.

The Solent Crossings will be non-competitive, group sails from Stokes Bay. Light wind options will be arranged if the weather doesn't work out. Last year the Friday group crossing enjoyed some of the best WASZP sailing the UK has ever seen in a perfect, sunny downwinder over the Solent! Join the adventure this year!

Accommodation: Camping at Kite Hill is cheap and within walking distance of the club ( AirBnBs and other options are available.

Ferry discount:

20% discount using this link ( for those travelling to the island after 1720 on Friday. Valid for any return time.

Family/supporters: Activities and race viewing can be organised for supporters whilst on the island.

The IOW swarm can help with all sorts of logistics to ensure sailors have the best time on the island!

The Solent Crossing

  • If you need to leave a trailer at Stokes Bay Sailing Club, you must pay the overnight storage fee here:
  • Friday evening crossing preferred - Launch at 1915!
  • Car parking - do not leave the in the seafront car park. There is free parking on streets nearby, so factor that timing in!
  • Throw bags, tents, trolleys and supporters in the RIB
  • The RIBs will shadow sailors across the Solent and will tow/rescue where needed

Cancelations made within a week of the event starting will be charged 100% of the entry fee

# Competitor Name Country Sail Number Boat Name Division Sail Size
1 Martin Evans United Kingdom 2511 Stinging Belle Apprentice (21-39) 8.2m
2 Daniel Goodman New Zealand 2928 Marmite Super Master (50+) 8.2m
3 Ben Anderson United Kingdom 3151 Sailingfast/Magic Marine U16 6.9m
4 Merryn attridge United Kingdom 3371 Junior (U18) 8.2m
5 Peter Deming United Kingdom 3236 Ibuprofen Master (40+) 8.2m
6 Adam Raeburn-James United Kingdom 3475 Splosh Super Master (50+) 8.2m
7 Harry Burge United Kingdom 2475 Junior (U18) 8.2m
8 Pia Raber United Kingdom 3245 Junior (U18) 6.9m
9 Sam Lowbridge United Kingdom 3474 MeJulie Youth (U21) 8.2m
10 Mikael Raber United Kingdom 3245 Grumpy Super Master (50+) 8.2m
11 Will Hakes United Kingdom 2000 U16 8.2m
12 Tom Hakes United Kingdom 2000 Junior (U18) 8.2m
13 Mark Irons United Kingdom 2373 Super Master (50+) 8.2m
14 Chris Keatley United Kingdom 2522 Apprentice (21-39) 8.2m
15 Steven Sheridan United Kingdom 2519 Super Master (50+) 8.2m
16 Hugh Doyle United Kingdom 3399 Apprentice (21-39) 6.9m
Place Competitor Name Sail Number Boat Name Country Sail Size Division Score Points
1 Martin Evans 2511 Stinging Belle United Kingdom 8.2m Apprentice (21-39) 13 150.00
2 Daniel Goodman 2928 Marmite New Zealand 8.2m Super Master (50+) 23 129.00
3 Ben Anderson 3151 Sailingfast/Magic Marine United Kingdom 6.9m U16 30 111.00
4 Merryn attridge 3371 United Kingdom 8.2m Junior (U18) 37 95.00
5 Peter Deming 3236 Ibuprofen United Kingdom 8.2m Master (40+) 43 82.00
6 Adam Raeburn-James 3475 Splosh United Kingdom 8.2m Super Master (50+) 59 70.00
7 Harry Burge 2475 United Kingdom 8.2m Junior (U18) 63 60.00
8 Pia Raber 3245 United Kingdom 6.9m Junior (U18) 80 52.00
9 Sam Lowbridge 3474 MeJulie United Kingdom 8.2m Youth (U21) 90 45.00
10 Mikael Raber 3245 Grumpy United Kingdom 8.2m Super Master (50+) 92 38.00
11 Will Hakes 2000 United Kingdom 8.2m U16 94 33.00
12 Tom Hakes 2000 United Kingdom 8.2m Junior (U18) 112 28.00
13 Mark Irons 2373 United Kingdom 8.2m Super Master (50+) 133 24.00
14 Chris Keatley 2522 United Kingdom 8.2m Apprentice (21-39) 134 21.00
15 Steven Sheridan 2519 United Kingdom 8.2m Super Master (50+) 152 18.00
16 Hugh Doyle 3399 United Kingdom 6.9m Apprentice (21-39) 154 1.00

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