WASZP Games 2024

Tier 1 | Championship

Sandefjord Seilforening, Norway

05 August 2024 - 10 August 2024

Required membership: International WASZP Class Membership 2024

Event Information:

WOW. 150 BOATS - Our Cap has been extended by the event organisers to accommodate 180 boats!

To be added to the reserve list, email class@waszp.com.


Join the swarm for the biggest event of 2024 in the spectacular and truly unique city of Sandefjord.

180 boats will descend on Seilerholmen, which for two weeks will become WASZP island!

This year, there will be a dedicated start for the 6.9 and X rigs. Youth teams from around Europe are expected to attend.


Camping at Granholmen Camping is right next door to the sailing club and a short walk to a big supermarket. This is the most convenient and affordable option. Click this link. Use this email for contact: granholmencamping@hotmail.com

Scandic Park Hotel in Sandefjord has offered special rates to WASZP sailors. Click this link to see the hotel. The special rates are:

  • Single Room: 1390 NOK per night
  • Double Room: 1690 NOK per night
  • Triple Room: 1860 NOK per night
  • Quadruple (family) room: 2080 NOK per night

All rooms include breakfast and the organisers will operate a shuttle service from the city to the club each day.

To make a reservation, email meeting@scandichotels.com and quote reference number 48703715. BOOK BEFORE 23 MAY TO SECURE YOUR ROOM!

There are several Airbnb and private rental options in the surrounding area too.


# Competitor Name Country Sail Number Boat Name Division Sail Size
1 Matthew Stranaghan Canada 2082 Tomato Soup Apprentice (21-39) 8.2m
2 Tim Schuler Germany 3111 Apprentice (21-39) 8.2m
3 Nick Schuler Germany 3424 Youth (U21) 8.2m
4 Gavin Ball United States 6666 Malolo Apprentice (21-39) 8.2m
5 Markus Berthet Norway 2660 Apprentice (21-39) 8.2m
6 Audrey Salager Canada 3524 Bzzz Junior (U18) 6.9m
7 Hedvig Doksrød Norway 2658 Junior (U18) 8.2m
8 Matias Esteves Laranjinha Norway 2322 U16 8.2m
9 Iver Elias Holm Norway 2663 Youth (U21) 8.2m
10 Pernille Baann Eftang Norway 2601 WASZP Youth (U21) 8.2m
11 Julia Gebhard Germany 3103 Speedy Bat Youth (U21) 8.2m
12 Christine Gyllenhammar-Wiig Norway 2315 Youth (U21) 8.2m
13 Nora Doksrød Norway 2901 Apprentice (21-39) 8.2m
14 Jacob wærsten Norway 2592 U14 8.2m
15 Anders Hylen Klippenberg Norway 2128 Apprentice (21-39) 8.2m
16 Sam Whaley United Kingdom 3139 CONCORDE RETURNS Apprentice (21-39) 8.2m
17 Hugo Flygare Sweden 2535 Junior (U18) 8.2m
18 Christoph Möhring Germany 2911 Apprentice (21-39) 8.2m
19 Louise Metenier France 3515 Hexis Junior (U18) 8.2m
20 Andi Kinnear Canada 3092 Junior (U18) 8.2m
21 Andrew McDougall Australia 3454 WASZP Super Master (50+) 8.2m
22 Florian Jungbauer Germany 3022 Apprentice (21-39) 8.2m
23 Bart van den Berg Netherlands 2732 Bilgepompen.nl Youth (U21) 8.2m
24 Antoine Coadou France 2547 Waszp EV Cherbourg Apprentice (21-39) 8.2m
25 Mikal Christian Brun Tveita Norway 2321 Il tempo gigante Youth (U21) 8.2m
26 Roo Purves United Kingdom 3403 Eyemouth Marine Junior (U18) 8.2m
27 Klaus Jungbauer Germany 2910 Super Master (50+) 8.2m
28 Ben Anderson United Kingdom 3151 Magic Marine U16 6.9m
29 Alexandre Grognuz Switzerland 3584 NTFM Apprentice (21-39) 8.2m
30 Micha de Weck Switzerland 3583 KATANA Junior (U18) 8.2m
31 Liv Häggström Sweden 3423 Junior (U18) 6.9m
32 Manu Guedon France 3345 West Paysages Super Master (50+) 8.2m
33 Daniel Cabre Spain 2857 Tecaire Youth (U21) 8.2m
34 Pablo Astiazaran Pérez-Cela Spain 2830 Youth (U21) 8.2m
35 Batbold Gruner Germany 3112 Youth (U21) 8.2m
36 Titouan Petard France 2935 TERIA / FORWARD WIP Apprentice (21-39) 8.2m
37 Ben Harris United Kingdom 2517 Sendy Wendy II Apprentice (21-39) 8.2m
38 Baptiste Courtias France 3509 SHEWY Junior (U18) 8.2m
39 Mar Garcia Alves Spain 3508 Youth (U21) 8.2m
40 Victor Lööf Norway 2658 U16 8.2m
41 Kieran Hopkins Germany 2532 Master (40+) 8.2m
42 Gabriele Venturino Italy 3171 Spunciün Youth (U21) 8.2m
43 Malcolm Björsson Sweden 2381 Apprentice (21-39) 8.2m
44 Enzio Savoini Italy 3335 F23se Apprentice (21-39) 8.2m
45 Quicorras Urios Salinas Spain 3055 Apprentice (21-39) 8.2m
46 emma cabré burniol Spain 2259 Youth (U21) 8.2m
47 Janik Müller Switzerland 2742 Apprentice (21-39) 8.2m
48 Pia Henriette Brun Tveita Norway 2326 Junior (U18) 8.2m
49 Hippolyte Gruet France 2261 E-CERVO / MAGIC/ VAKAROS Apprentice (21-39) 8.2m
50 Caspar Ilgenstein Germany 3422 NRV Foiling Team Youth (U21) 8.2m
51 Niclas Burdon Germany 2917 Youth (U21) 8.2m
52 Andrew Chisholm Canada 3577 Junior (U18) 8.2m
53 Thomas Efskind Norway 2325 Youth (U21) 8.2m
54 Adriano Vazquez Spain 2803 Junior (U18) 8.2m
55 Mikel Vazquez Spain 3191 Ralph Hinckley Super Master (50+) 8.2m
56 Mathilde Bregner Robertstad Norway 2599 HH Waszp team Apprentice (21-39) 8.2m
57 Chloe Collenette United Kingdom 3407 fred Apprentice (21-39) 8.2m
58 Arthur Fry United Kingdom 3154 Aussie Rules Apprentice (21-39) 8.2m
59 Siméo Vollmer Switzerland 3504 TEAM CVVT Apprentice (21-39) 8.2m
60 Magnus Overbeck Denmark 22222 Asta Apprentice (21-39) 8.2m
61 Maja Larsson Bergqvist Sweden 2000 Junior (U18) 6.9m
62 Madita Grigat Denmark 2982 Youth (U21) 6.9m
63 Leo Birgersson Denmark 2855 Youth (U21) 8.2m
64 Fredrik Harlem Norway 2329 Youth (U21) 8.2m
65 Wilhelm Harlem Norway 2597 Youth (U21) 8.2m
66 Hanno Seifert Sweden 2709 Youth (U21) 8.2m
67 Lynn Huber Switzerland 3492 Youth (U21) 8.2m
68 Columbus Rosted Denmark 2821 Marina Youth (U21) 8.2m
69 Victor Melchior Denmark 2822 U14 8.2m
70 Hanna Buøen Norway 2600 U16 6.9m
71 Andrew Bridgman United Kingdom 3597 Barbarosa II Apprentice (21-39) 8.2m
72 Alberto Morales Hernández Spain 3405 Morales Asesores Apprentice (21-39) 8.2m
73 Sarah Isaak Canada 3295 Rose-eh Apprentice (21-39) 6.9m
74 Axel Eklund Norway 2655 Youth (U21) 8.2m
75 Ture Sunnegardh Sweden 2662 Junior (U18) 8.2m
76 Jackson Macaulay Canada 3578 Apprentice (21-39) 8.2m
77 Ettore Botticini Italy 3135 CNVA- Ronstan Apprentice (21-39) 8.2m
78 Krsto Matulić Croatia 2542 Master (40+) 8.2m
79 Zacharie Rault France 2402 Saudade Youth (U21) 8.2m
80 Bruce Allan United Kingdom 3119 The Bruiser Cruiser Super Master (50+) 8.2m
81 Miguel Ángel Morales Hernández Spain 3516 Morales asesores Youth (U21) 8.2m
82 Marie Butler Wang Norway 2598 HHWASZPTEAM Youth (U21) 8.2m
83 Toni Benčič Slovenia 2992 Youth (U21) 8.2m
84 Elsa Aronsson Sweden 8888 Youth (U21) 8.2m
85 Arthur Peltier France 3207 Youth (U21) 8.2m
86 Daniel Goodman New Zealand 2928 Marmite Super Master (50+) 8.2m
87 Jesper Fleischer Germany 3551 Youth (U21) 8.2m
88 Philipp Schmechel Germany 2734 Trimlog Apprentice (21-39) 8.2m
89 Charlotte Bauer Ellingsen Norway 2318 Youth (U21) 6.9m
90 Adam Raeburn-James United Kingdom 3475 Splosh Super Master (50+) 8.2m
91 TESEI JACOPO Italy 3373 PAGABABBO U16 8.2m
92 Joerg Fleischer Germany 3550 Wespenstich Super Master (50+) 8.2m
93 Tim Howse New Zealand 4444 Jerry Jnr Youth (U21) 8.2m
94 Sam Street New Zealand 11111 Barry Apprentice (21-39) 8.2m
95 Jorge Astiazaran Pérez-Cela Spain 2693 Junior (U18) 8.2m
96 Ben Sweeny Canada 3525 ƒ(x) Youth (U21) 8.2m
97 Elouen Arnaud France 3182 Le Zing Cafe Apprentice (21-39) 8.2m
98 Manuel Breihan Germany 2936 Apprentice (21-39) 8.2m
99 Rebecca Geiger Italy 3071 Youth (U21) 6.9m
100 Tommaso geiger Italy 3330 U16 6.9m
101 Melker Brenton Sweden 2726 Apprentice (21-39) 8.2m
102 Thomas Engelhard France 2363 I believe I can fly Apprentice (21-39) 8.2m
103 Sam Lowbridge United Kingdom 3474 MeJulie Youth (U21) 8.2m
104 Peter Cope United Kingdom 3004 Sting Youth (U21) 8.2m
105 Matthis Johnson France 2004 Apprentice (21-39) 8.2m
106 Isi Collado Font Spain 3180 Veloci Youth (U21) 8.2m
107 Isabella Petterson Norway 2902 Junior (U18) 8.2m
108 Alessio Castellan Italy 2670 Youth (U21) 8.2m
109 Leonardo Centuori Italy 3329 Youth (U21) 8.2m
110 Mateusz Pusz Poland 2977 Master (40+) 8.2m
111 Jack Woolterton United Kingdom 3073 Youth (U21) 6.9m
112 Matteo Gardenghi Italy 3500 This Side Up Junior (U18) 8.2m
113 Antonio Gasperini Spain 3346 Youth (U21) 8.2m
114 Marco Giannini Italy 2387 Apprentice (21-39) 8.2m
115 Alice Senior United Kingdom 3231 Winnie Apprentice (21-39) 6.9m
116 Emanuele Savoini Italy 3334 F23 Master (40+) 8.2m
117 Ian Fitzgerald United Kingdom 2607 Master (40+) 8.2m
118 Stefan Eriksson Sweden 3215 Super Master (50+) 8.2m
119 Francesco De Felice Italy 3190 BLUE MONDAY Youth (U21) 8.2m
120 Jan Moritz Grigat Denmark 2870 Apprentice (21-39) 8.2m
121 Federico Bergamasco Italy 3054 Lau Youth (U21) 8.2m
122 Mikael Raber United Kingdom 3245 Red Flyer Super Master (50+) 8.2m
123 Pia Raber United Kingdom 3245 Junior (U18) 6.9m
124 Oliver Seifert Sweden 2790 Röde Orm Super Master (50+) 8.2m
125 Alexander Simmonds United Kingdom 2706 Not Available 8.2m
126 Lena Fries Switzerland 3058 Youth (U21) 6.9m
127 Ben miller United Kingdom 2156 Apprentice (21-39) 8.2m
128 Eira Nilsson Norway 2656 Helly Hansen Apprentice (21-39) 8.2m
129 Steven Forteith United Kingdom 3635 Miss Molly Master (40+) 8.2m
130 Nick Ireland United Kingdom 2974 Buzz Off Super Master (50+) 8.2m
131 Edoardo Roversi Italy 3503 Junior (U18) 8.2m
132 Lewis Clark United Kingdom 3473 P2 Apprentice (21-39) 8.2m
133 Simon Kaiser Switzerland 2949 Youth (U21) 8.2m
134 Max Schröder Germany 2908 Apprentice (21-39) 8.2m
135 Ross (Rosgo) Banham United Kingdom 3168 Sailingfast, Magic Marine, Allen Sailing, Craftinsure Apprentice (21-39) 8.2m
136 Mårten HIllig Norway 2323 Youth (U21) 8.2m
137 alberto palermo Italy 3384 U16 8.2m
138 Matteo Plodari Italy 3212 Youth (U21) 8.2m
139 Giovanni Masiero Italy 3053 Youth (U21) 8.2m
140 Pietro Caminiti Italy 3377 Dreko v2 Apprentice (21-39) 8.2m
141 Paul Neumann Germany 2844 Apprentice (21-39) 8.2m
142 Moritz Hagenmeyer Germany 3016 Apprentice (21-39) 8.2m
143 Charles Cullen Ireland 2987 Apprentice (21-39) 8.2m
144 Jacopo Andrian Italy 2472 U16 6.9m
145 Anton Germershausen Germany 3020 Stachel Apprentice (21-39) 8.2m
146 Benjamin Benhayoun France 3208 Youth (U21) 8.2m
147 Melia van Laaten Germany 3547 Youth (U21) 8.2m
148 Tiphaine Rideau France 2389 Youth (U21) 8.2m
149 Gabin Baly France 2371 Youth (U21) 8.2m
150 Johnny Flynn Ireland 3478 Youth (U21) 8.2m
151 Caspar Lenz Anderson Canada 2894 Firefly Youth (U21) 8.2m
152 Patrick Felda Italy 3499 U16 5.8m
153 Thomas Sitzmann United States 3255 Youth (U21) 8.2m
154 LUCA FRANCESCHINI Italy 2238 Junior (U18) 6.9m
155 Luigi Ferruggia Italy 3501 Youth (U21) 8.2m
156 Nathan Duffar-Calder Canada 3085 Apprentice (21-39) 8.2m
157 Alfredo Salerno Italy 3502 Youth (U21) 8.2m
158 Theodor Norrby Sweden 2023 Youth (U21) 8.2m
159 Francesco Carrieri Italy 3057 U16 6.9m
160 Jacopo Travaini Italy 2472 Youth (U21) 8.2m
161 Henry Krieble Canada 3522 U16 6.9m
162 Olivia Castaldi United States 3258 Junior (U18) 8.2m
163 Shana Burger Switzerland 3512 Youth (U21) 6.9m
164 Tom Mitchell United Kingdom 2524 Youth (U21) 8.2m
165 Anton Seehausen Denmark 2820 Youth (U21) 8.2m
166 Francesco de Santis Italy 3567 U16 6.9m
167 Eliott Coville France 2478 Rapido Youth (U21) 8.2m
168 Mose Bellomi Italy 3556 Junior (U18) 8.2m
169 Julius Hornung Germany 69 Apprentice (21-39) 8.2m
170 Paul de Souza Bahamas 2424 Pain Game Apprentice (21-39) 8.2m
171 Brieux Marzin France 2545 ENVSN Youth (U21) 8.2m
172 Brenn Armstrong Australia 3482 Charter Junior (U18) 6.9m
173 Sol López Navarro Spain 3340 Foiling Base Cádiz impulsada por SailGP INSPIRE - IMD Youth (U21) 8.2m
174 Pablo Franco Spain 3338 Foiling Base Cádiz powered by SailGP Inspire - IMD Youth (U21) 8.2m
175 Reed Baldridge United States 2711 Apprentice (21-39) 8.2m
176 Mina Ferguson Australia 2631 Reynold Youth (U21) 8.2m
177 Santiago Grosso Pérez Spain 2003 Youth (U21) 8.2m
178 Bridget Conrad Australia 2961 Henri Lloyd Apprentice (21-39) 8.2m
179 Martinius Melleby Hopstock Norway 2001 Junior (U18) 8.2m
Place Competitor Name Sail Number Boat Name Country Sail Size Division Score Points
Matthew Stranaghan 2082 Tomato Soup Canada 8.2m Apprentice (21-39)
Tim Schuler 3111 Germany 8.2m Apprentice (21-39)
Nick Schuler 3424 Germany 8.2m Youth (U21)
Gavin Ball 6666 Malolo United States 8.2m Apprentice (21-39)
Markus Berthet 2660 Norway 8.2m Apprentice (21-39)
Audrey Salager 3524 Bzzz Canada 6.9m Junior (U18)
Hedvig Doksrød 2658 Norway 8.2m Junior (U18)
Matias Esteves Laranjinha 2322 Norway 8.2m U16
Iver Elias Holm 2663 Norway 8.2m Youth (U21)
Pernille Baann Eftang 2601 WASZP Norway 8.2m Youth (U21)
Julia Gebhard 3103 Speedy Bat Germany 8.2m Youth (U21)
Christine Gyllenhammar-Wiig 2315 Norway 8.2m Youth (U21)
Nora Doksrød 2901 Norway 8.2m Apprentice (21-39)
Jacob wærsten 2592 Norway 8.2m U14
Anders Hylen Klippenberg 2128 Norway 8.2m Apprentice (21-39)
Sam Whaley 3139 CONCORDE RETURNS United Kingdom 8.2m Apprentice (21-39)
Hugo Flygare 2535 Sweden 8.2m Junior (U18)
Christoph Möhring 2911 Germany 8.2m Apprentice (21-39)
Louise Metenier 3515 Hexis France 8.2m Junior (U18)
Andi Kinnear 3092 Canada 8.2m Junior (U18)
Andrew McDougall 3454 WASZP Australia 8.2m Super Master (50+)
Florian Jungbauer 3022 Germany 8.2m Apprentice (21-39)
Bart van den Berg 2732 Bilgepompen.nl Netherlands 8.2m Youth (U21)
Antoine Coadou 2547 Waszp EV Cherbourg France 8.2m Apprentice (21-39)
Mikal Christian Brun Tveita 2321 Il tempo gigante Norway 8.2m Youth (U21)
Roo Purves 3403 Eyemouth Marine United Kingdom 8.2m Junior (U18)
Klaus Jungbauer 2910 Germany 8.2m Super Master (50+)
Ben Anderson 3151 Magic Marine United Kingdom 6.9m U16
Alexandre Grognuz 3584 NTFM Switzerland 8.2m Apprentice (21-39)
Micha de Weck 3583 KATANA Switzerland 8.2m Junior (U18)
Liv Häggström 3423 Sweden 6.9m Junior (U18)
Manu Guedon 3345 West Paysages France 8.2m Super Master (50+)
Daniel Cabre 2857 Tecaire Spain 8.2m Youth (U21)
Pablo Astiazaran Pérez-Cela 2830 Spain 8.2m Youth (U21)
Batbold Gruner 3112 Germany 8.2m Youth (U21)
Titouan Petard 2935 TERIA / FORWARD WIP France 8.2m Apprentice (21-39)
Ben Harris 2517 Sendy Wendy II United Kingdom 8.2m Apprentice (21-39)
Baptiste Courtias 3509 SHEWY France 8.2m Junior (U18)
Mar Garcia Alves 3508 Spain 8.2m Youth (U21)
Victor Lööf 2658 Norway 8.2m U16
Kieran Hopkins 2532 Germany 8.2m Master (40+)
Gabriele Venturino 3171 Spunciün Italy 8.2m Youth (U21)
Malcolm Björsson 2381 Sweden 8.2m Apprentice (21-39)
Enzio Savoini 3335 F23se Italy 8.2m Apprentice (21-39)
Quicorras Urios Salinas 3055 Spain 8.2m Apprentice (21-39)
emma cabré burniol 2259 Spain 8.2m Youth (U21)
Janik Müller 2742 Switzerland 8.2m Apprentice (21-39)
Pia Henriette Brun Tveita 2326 Norway 8.2m Junior (U18)
Hippolyte Gruet 2261 E-CERVO / MAGIC/ VAKAROS France 8.2m Apprentice (21-39)
Caspar Ilgenstein 3422 NRV Foiling Team Germany 8.2m Youth (U21)
Niclas Burdon 2917 Germany 8.2m Youth (U21)
Andrew Chisholm 3577 Canada 8.2m Junior (U18)
Thomas Efskind 2325 Norway 8.2m Youth (U21)
Adriano Vazquez 2803 Spain 8.2m Junior (U18)
Mikel Vazquez 3191 Ralph Hinckley Spain 8.2m Super Master (50+)
Mathilde Bregner Robertstad 2599 HH Waszp team Norway 8.2m Apprentice (21-39)
Chloe Collenette 3407 fred United Kingdom 8.2m Apprentice (21-39)
Arthur Fry 3154 Aussie Rules United Kingdom 8.2m Apprentice (21-39)
Siméo Vollmer 3504 TEAM CVVT Switzerland 8.2m Apprentice (21-39)
Magnus Overbeck 22222 Asta Denmark 8.2m Apprentice (21-39)
Maja Larsson Bergqvist 2000 Sweden 6.9m Junior (U18)
Madita Grigat 2982 Denmark 6.9m Youth (U21)
Leo Birgersson 2855 Denmark 8.2m Youth (U21)
Fredrik Harlem 2329 Norway 8.2m Youth (U21)
Wilhelm Harlem 2597 Norway 8.2m Youth (U21)
Hanno Seifert 2709 Sweden 8.2m Youth (U21)
Lynn Huber 3492 Switzerland 8.2m Youth (U21)
Columbus Rosted 2821 Marina Denmark 8.2m Youth (U21)
Victor Melchior 2822 Denmark 8.2m U14
Hanna Buøen 2600 Norway 6.9m U16
Andrew Bridgman 3597 Barbarosa II United Kingdom 8.2m Apprentice (21-39)
Alberto Morales Hernández 3405 Morales Asesores Spain 8.2m Apprentice (21-39)
Sarah Isaak 3295 Rose-eh Canada 6.9m Apprentice (21-39)
Axel Eklund 2655 Norway 8.2m Youth (U21)
Ture Sunnegardh 2662 Sweden 8.2m Junior (U18)
Jackson Macaulay 3578 Canada 8.2m Apprentice (21-39)
Ettore Botticini 3135 CNVA- Ronstan Italy 8.2m Apprentice (21-39)
Krsto Matulić 2542 Croatia 8.2m Master (40+)
Zacharie Rault 2402 Saudade France 8.2m Youth (U21)
Bruce Allan 3119 The Bruiser Cruiser United Kingdom 8.2m Super Master (50+)
Miguel Ángel Morales Hernández 3516 Morales asesores Spain 8.2m Youth (U21)
Marie Butler Wang 2598 HHWASZPTEAM Norway 8.2m Youth (U21)
Toni Benčič 2992 Slovenia 8.2m Youth (U21)
Elsa Aronsson 8888 Sweden 8.2m Youth (U21)
Arthur Peltier 3207 France 8.2m Youth (U21)
Daniel Goodman 2928 Marmite New Zealand 8.2m Super Master (50+)
Jesper Fleischer 3551 Germany 8.2m Youth (U21)
Philipp Schmechel 2734 Trimlog Germany 8.2m Apprentice (21-39)
Charlotte Bauer Ellingsen 2318 Norway 6.9m Youth (U21)
Adam Raeburn-James 3475 Splosh United Kingdom 8.2m Super Master (50+)
Joerg Fleischer 3550 Wespenstich Germany 8.2m Super Master (50+)
Tim Howse 4444 Jerry Jnr New Zealand 8.2m Youth (U21)
Sam Street 11111 Barry New Zealand 8.2m Apprentice (21-39)
Jorge Astiazaran Pérez-Cela 2693 Spain 8.2m Junior (U18)
Ben Sweeny 3525 ƒ(x) Canada 8.2m Youth (U21)
Elouen Arnaud 3182 Le Zing Cafe France 8.2m Apprentice (21-39)
Manuel Breihan 2936 Germany 8.2m Apprentice (21-39)
Rebecca Geiger 3071 Italy 6.9m Youth (U21)
Tommaso geiger 3330 Italy 6.9m U16
Melker Brenton 2726 Sweden 8.2m Apprentice (21-39)
Thomas Engelhard 2363 I believe I can fly France 8.2m Apprentice (21-39)
Sam Lowbridge 3474 MeJulie United Kingdom 8.2m Youth (U21)
Peter Cope 3004 Sting United Kingdom 8.2m Youth (U21)
Matthis Johnson 2004 France 8.2m Apprentice (21-39)
Isi Collado Font 3180 Veloci Spain 8.2m Youth (U21)
Isabella Petterson 2902 Norway 8.2m Junior (U18)
Alessio Castellan 2670 Italy 8.2m Youth (U21)
Leonardo Centuori 3329 Italy 8.2m Youth (U21)
Mateusz Pusz 2977 Poland 8.2m Master (40+)
Jack Woolterton 3073 United Kingdom 6.9m Youth (U21)
Matteo Gardenghi 3500 This Side Up Italy 8.2m Junior (U18)
Antonio Gasperini 3346 Spain 8.2m Youth (U21)
Marco Giannini 2387 Italy 8.2m Apprentice (21-39)
Alice Senior 3231 Winnie United Kingdom 6.9m Apprentice (21-39)
Emanuele Savoini 3334 F23 Italy 8.2m Master (40+)
Ian Fitzgerald 2607 United Kingdom 8.2m Master (40+)
Stefan Eriksson 3215 Sweden 8.2m Super Master (50+)
Francesco De Felice 3190 BLUE MONDAY Italy 8.2m Youth (U21)
Jan Moritz Grigat 2870 Denmark 8.2m Apprentice (21-39)
Federico Bergamasco 3054 Lau Italy 8.2m Youth (U21)
Mikael Raber 3245 Red Flyer United Kingdom 8.2m Super Master (50+)
Pia Raber 3245 United Kingdom 6.9m Junior (U18)
Oliver Seifert 2790 Röde Orm Sweden 8.2m Super Master (50+)
Alexander Simmonds 2706 United Kingdom 8.2m Not Available
Lena Fries 3058 Switzerland 6.9m Youth (U21)
Ben miller 2156 United Kingdom 8.2m Apprentice (21-39)
Eira Nilsson 2656 Helly Hansen Norway 8.2m Apprentice (21-39)
Steven Forteith 3635 Miss Molly United Kingdom 8.2m Master (40+)
Nick Ireland 2974 Buzz Off United Kingdom 8.2m Super Master (50+)
Edoardo Roversi 3503 Italy 8.2m Junior (U18)
Lewis Clark 3473 P2 United Kingdom 8.2m Apprentice (21-39)
Simon Kaiser 2949 Switzerland 8.2m Youth (U21)
Max Schröder 2908 Germany 8.2m Apprentice (21-39)
Ross (Rosgo) Banham 3168 Sailingfast, Magic Marine, Allen Sailing, Craftinsure United Kingdom 8.2m Apprentice (21-39)
Mårten HIllig 2323 Norway 8.2m Youth (U21)
alberto palermo 3384 Italy 8.2m U16
Matteo Plodari 3212 Italy 8.2m Youth (U21)
Giovanni Masiero 3053 Italy 8.2m Youth (U21)
Pietro Caminiti 3377 Dreko v2 Italy 8.2m Apprentice (21-39)
Paul Neumann 2844 Germany 8.2m Apprentice (21-39)
Moritz Hagenmeyer 3016 Germany 8.2m Apprentice (21-39)
Charles Cullen 2987 Ireland 8.2m Apprentice (21-39)
Jacopo Andrian 2472 Italy 6.9m U16
Anton Germershausen 3020 Stachel Germany 8.2m Apprentice (21-39)
Benjamin Benhayoun 3208 France 8.2m Youth (U21)
Melia van Laaten 3547 Germany 8.2m Youth (U21)
Tiphaine Rideau 2389 France 8.2m Youth (U21)
Gabin Baly 2371 France 8.2m Youth (U21)
Johnny Flynn 3478 Ireland 8.2m Youth (U21)
Caspar Lenz Anderson 2894 Firefly Canada 8.2m Youth (U21)
Patrick Felda 3499 Italy 5.8m U16
Thomas Sitzmann 3255 United States 8.2m Youth (U21)
LUCA FRANCESCHINI 2238 Italy 6.9m Junior (U18)
Luigi Ferruggia 3501 Italy 8.2m Youth (U21)
Nathan Duffar-Calder 3085 Canada 8.2m Apprentice (21-39)
Alfredo Salerno 3502 Italy 8.2m Youth (U21)
Theodor Norrby 2023 Sweden 8.2m Youth (U21)
Francesco Carrieri 3057 Italy 6.9m U16
Jacopo Travaini 2472 Italy 8.2m Youth (U21)
Henry Krieble 3522 Canada 6.9m U16
Olivia Castaldi 3258 United States 8.2m Junior (U18)
Shana Burger 3512 Switzerland 6.9m Youth (U21)
Tom Mitchell 2524 United Kingdom 8.2m Youth (U21)
Anton Seehausen 2820 Denmark 8.2m Youth (U21)
Francesco de Santis 3567 Italy 6.9m U16
Eliott Coville 2478 Rapido France 8.2m Youth (U21)
Mose Bellomi 3556 Italy 8.2m Junior (U18)
Julius Hornung 69 Germany 8.2m Apprentice (21-39)
Paul de Souza 2424 Pain Game Bahamas 8.2m Apprentice (21-39)
Brieux Marzin 2545 ENVSN France 8.2m Youth (U21)
Brenn Armstrong 3482 Charter Australia 6.9m Junior (U18)
Sol López Navarro 3340 Foiling Base Cádiz impulsada por SailGP INSPIRE - IMD Spain 8.2m Youth (U21)
Pablo Franco 3338 Foiling Base Cádiz powered by SailGP Inspire - IMD Spain 8.2m Youth (U21)
Reed Baldridge 2711 United States 8.2m Apprentice (21-39)
Mina Ferguson 2631 Reynold Australia 8.2m Youth (U21)
Santiago Grosso Pérez 2003 Spain 8.2m Youth (U21)
Bridget Conrad 2961 Henri Lloyd Australia 8.2m Apprentice (21-39)
Martinius Melleby Hopstock 2001 Norway 8.2m Junior (U18)

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Event Charter Boats

WASZP takes no responsibility in the transactions that take place between sailors relating to the charters. These are private transactions outside of the WASZP organization. WASZP takes no responsibility for the quality of the charters or any issues that occur between the parties.

Charter Boats Available

User Message
Manu Guedon I have at least 3 WASZP to charter for Norway... please contact me to book at ma mail address : manuguedon@gmail.com Contact
Simone malagugini 3 charter Boats available for Waszp Game Contact
WASZP Class Admin 6 charters available from Foiling Norway. Email thomas.nilsson@saillogic.no for more information Contact

Sailors looking to charter boats

User Message
Nathan Duffar-Calder Looking for a charter boat. I can bring sails and any other parts necessary Contact
Grace Poole Looking for a good boat for racing and about a weeks training before. Will bring my own sail, rigging etc Contact
Krsto Matulić Hi, I am looking for charter boat from 03-10. of August. I would bring my Sail with me Contact: krsto.matulic@gmail.com Contact
Matteo Gardenghi I am looking for a charter boat from the 1st to the 11th of August; I am able to bring my own sail and mast if necessary. Contact: matteogardenghi007@gmail.com Contact
Gavin Ball hi all looking for a charter boat for the lead up and during worlds preferably the 28th to the 10th Contact
Brenn Armstrong Hi I am looking for a charter boat from 1st August to the end of the event on 10th August with 6.9m rig. Thanks Brenn Contact