East Coast Champs

Tier 3 | Championship

Georges River 16ft Sailing Club, Australia

10 June 2023 - 12 June 2023

Event Information:

WASZPs invited for the first time to this regular mid-winter dinghy festival at Georges River - still working out entry logistics but we might keep things easy for the organisers and enter through whatever process they have. "Enter now pay later" is open here so please enter now to allow numbers to be tracked.

The event has always been well organised - they get the massive park behind the club put aside for parking and we rig between there and the water and launch from the beach. Just be wary of the tide - don't leave things on the beach as sometimes it basically disappears!

Out on Botany Bay we will be on the same course as the foiling boards and the skiffs (29ers and maybe 49ers (if any)) - should be very cool.

# Competitor Name Country Sail Number Boat Name Division Sail Size
1 Jervis Tilly Australia 3036 FAST Super Master 8.2m
2 Bridget Conrad Australia 2961 Youth 8.2m
3 Will Troop Australia 2680 Growler Junior 8.2m
4 Marshall Day Australia 2802 Too Cheeky Junior 8.2m
5 Louis Tilly Australia 3488 Boogie Wonderland Junior 8.2m
6 Garry Essex Australia 3158 Shimmer Super Master 8.2m
7 Isabella Holdsworth Australia 2771 Odette Junior 6.9m
8 Declan Reilly Australia 3161 Euphoria Apprentice 8.2m
9 Daniel Links Australia 2812 Flying Muppet Junior 8.2m
10 Ian Louis Australia 2959 Kevin Junior 8.2m
11 Dan haydon Australia 2188 Watch out Apprentice 8.2m
12 Ollie Ross Australia 2450 Scrat Junior 8.2m
Place Competitor Name Sail Number Boat Name Country Sail Size Division Score Points
10 Jervis Tilly 3036 FAST Australia 8.2m Super Master 0.00
1 Bridget Conrad 2961 Australia 8.2m Youth 0.00
5 Will Troop 2680 Growler Australia 8.2m Junior 0.00
3 Marshall Day 2802 Too Cheeky Australia 8.2m Junior 0.00
4 Louis Tilly 3488 Boogie Wonderland Australia 8.2m Junior 0.00
2 Garry Essex 3158 Shimmer Australia 8.2m Super Master
Isabella Holdsworth 2771 Odette Australia 6.9m Junior
Declan Reilly 3161 Euphoria Australia 8.2m Apprentice 0.00
Daniel Links 2812 Flying Muppet Australia 8.2m Junior
Ian Louis 2959 Kevin Australia 8.2m Junior 0.00
Dan haydon 2188 Watch out Australia 8.2m Apprentice 0.00
Ollie Ross 2450 Scrat Australia 8.2m Junior 0.00

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