Datchet Training Regatta

Tier 3 | Training

Datchet, United Kingdom

18 March 2023 - 19 March 2023

Entry Fee: GBP 100

Required membership: UK WASZP Class Membership 2023

Event Information:

Coach: Tom Pollard. Tom is a very accomplished WASZP sailor with expert knowledge on how to set the boat up and sail it fast!

Kick off the 2023 season with a training weekend ahead of the Start of Season championships at the UK's leading WASZP club.

Plan: High number of training races over the weekend with plenty of opportunities for periods of 1:1 coaching. Group briefs, debriefs and video feedback.

# Competitor Name Country Sail Number Boat Name Division Sail Size
1 Lewis Agate United Kingdom 3237 Junior (U18) 6.9m
2 Ben Anderson United Kingdom 2521 U16 6.9m
3 Daniel Goodman New Zealand 2928 Marmite Super Master (50+) 8.2m
4 Adam Raeburn-James United Kingdom 2610 Splat Super Master (50+) 8.2m
5 Bruce Allan United Kingdom 3119 Bruiser Cruiser Super Master (50+) 8.2m
6 Nick Ireland United Kingdom 2974 Buzz Off Super Master (50+) 8.2m
Place Competitor Name Sail Number Boat Name Country Sail Size Division Score Points
Lewis Agate 3237 United Kingdom 6.9m Junior (U18)
Ben Anderson 2521 United Kingdom 6.9m U16
Daniel Goodman 2928 Marmite New Zealand 8.2m Super Master (50+)
Adam Raeburn-James 2610 Splat United Kingdom 8.2m Super Master (50+)
Bruce Allan 3119 Bruiser Cruiser United Kingdom 8.2m Super Master (50+)
Nick Ireland 2974 Buzz Off United Kingdom 8.2m Super Master (50+)

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