Pre-NSW Youths Coaching Clinic

Tier 3 | Training

Teralba ASC, Australia

27 September 2023 - 29 September 2023

Event Information:

Australian Sailing is currently offering Coaching Clinic pre-NSW Youth Champs: 27, 28 & 29th September.

Coaching Clinic:

09:30 - 16:30 Wednesday 27th September

09:00 - 16:30 Thursday 28th September

09:00 - 15:30 Friday 29th September

Regatta: (Separate entry)

08:30 - 17:00 Saturday 30th September, Sunday 1st October & Monday 2nd October (finish time is an approximation)

Enter Now & Pay later is an expression of interest only:

You MUST enter through the NSW Youth Sailing link to BOOK & CONFIRM your coaching clinic spot: click "event website" button for the direct link.

For WASZPs, a helmet of a minimum standard of CE EN 1385 is mandatory while afloat as part of this event

# Competitor Name Country Sail Number Boat Name Division Sail Size
1 Will Troop Australia 2680 Growler Junior 8.2m
2 Louis Tilly Australia 3488 Boogie Wonderland Junior 8.2m
3 Marshall Day Australia 2802 Too Cheeky Junior 8.2m
4 Ashton Rawstron Australia 2442 Junior 8.2m
5 Ollie Ross Australia 2450 Scrat Junior 8.2m
6 Charlie Snell Australia 2059 Bravado Junior 8.2m
7 Jervis Tilly Australia 3036 FAST Super Master 8.2m
8 Issac Biczo Australia 2506 Wildfire Junior 8.2m
9 Nicholas Dunne Australia 3164 Hoobastank Junior 8.2m
10 Dan haydon Australia 2188 Watch out Apprentice 8.2m
11 Bridget Conrad Australia 2961 Youth 8.2m
12 Garry Essex Australia 3158 Shimmer Super Master 8.2m
Place Competitor Name Sail Number Boat Name Country Sail Size Division Score Points
Will Troop 2680 Growler Australia 8.2m Junior
Louis Tilly 3488 Boogie Wonderland Australia 8.2m Junior
Marshall Day 2802 Too Cheeky Australia 8.2m Junior
Ashton Rawstron 2442 Australia 8.2m Junior
Ollie Ross 2450 Scrat Australia 8.2m Junior
Charlie Snell 2059 Bravado Australia 8.2m Junior
Jervis Tilly 3036 FAST Australia 8.2m Super Master
Issac Biczo 2506 Wildfire Australia 8.2m Junior
Nicholas Dunne 3164 Hoobastank Australia 8.2m Junior
Dan haydon 2188 Watch out Australia 8.2m Apprentice
Bridget Conrad 2961 Australia 8.2m Youth
Garry Essex 3158 Shimmer Australia 8.2m Super Master

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