WASZP International Games 2023

Tier 1 | Championship

Sorrento, Australia

10 December 2023 - 16 December 2023

Required membership: International WASZP Class Membership 2023

Event Information:

Sorrento is a bucket list foiling location and one of the best holiday spots in Australia for families and friends to joins us for a very special International WASZP Games.



# Competitor Name Country Sail Number Boat Name Division Sail Size
1 adam brett Australia 2643 veszpa Super Master 8.2m
2 Conall Green Australia 3456 TURBO Junior 8.2m
3 Declan Reilly Australia 3161 Euphoria Apprentice 8.2m
4 Elouan Barnaud France 2312 Junior 8.2m
5 Marshall Day Australia 2802 Too Cheeky Junior 8.2m
6 Bridget Conrad Australia 2961 Youth 8.2m
7 Louis Tilly Australia 3488 Boogie Wonderland Junior 8.2m
8 Will Troop Australia 2680 Growler Junior 8.2m
9 Alice Senior United Kingdom 3231 Winnie Youth 6.9m
10 Ashton Rawstron Australia 2442 Junior 8.2m
11 Micha de Weck Switzerland 3193 KATANA Junior 8.2m
12 Ross Banham United Kingdom 3168 Serena Youth 8.2m
13 Aaron Tsuchitori United States 3256 Dirt-Bird Youth 8.2m
14 Ian Louis Australia 2959 Kevin Junior 8.2m
15 Dan haydon Australia 2188 Watch out Apprentice 8.2m
16 Pit Müller Switzerland 2194 Charter Boat Super Master 8.2m
17 Mina Ferguson Australia 2631 Kachow Junior 8.2m
18 Nicholas Dunne Australia 3164 Hoobastank Junior 8.2m
19 Antonin Radü Switzerland 2876 Leeuwin III Junior 8.2m
20 Gavin Ball United States 2718 Malolo Youth 8.2m
21 David Taylor Australia 2645 In A Meeting Master 8.2m
22 Nick Zeltner Switzerland 3287 Youth 8.2m
23 Peter Graham New Zealand 3126 Master 8.2m
24 Rohan Dean Australia 2454 Nauti Buoy II Junior 8.2m
25 Peter Dean Australia 2496 YIRA KOOLING Master 8.2m
Place Competitor Name Sail Number Boat Name Country Sail Size Division Score Points
adam brett 2643 veszpa Australia 8.2m Super Master
Conall Green 3456 TURBO Australia 8.2m Junior
Declan Reilly 3161 Euphoria Australia 8.2m Apprentice
Elouan Barnaud 2312 France 8.2m Junior
Marshall Day 2802 Too Cheeky Australia 8.2m Junior
Bridget Conrad 2961 Australia 8.2m Youth
Louis Tilly 3488 Boogie Wonderland Australia 8.2m Junior
Will Troop 2680 Growler Australia 8.2m Junior
Alice Senior 3231 Winnie United Kingdom 6.9m Youth
Ashton Rawstron 2442 Australia 8.2m Junior
Micha de Weck 3193 KATANA Switzerland 8.2m Junior
Ross Banham 3168 Serena United Kingdom 8.2m Youth
Aaron Tsuchitori 3256 Dirt-Bird United States 8.2m Youth
Ian Louis 2959 Kevin Australia 8.2m Junior
Dan haydon 2188 Watch out Australia 8.2m Apprentice
Pit Müller 2194 Charter Boat Switzerland 8.2m Super Master
Mina Ferguson 2631 Kachow Australia 8.2m Junior
Nicholas Dunne 3164 Hoobastank Australia 8.2m Junior
Antonin Radü 2876 Leeuwin III Switzerland 8.2m Junior
Gavin Ball 2718 Malolo United States 8.2m Youth
David Taylor 2645 In A Meeting Australia 8.2m Master
Nick Zeltner 3287 Switzerland 8.2m Youth
Peter Graham 3126 New Zealand 8.2m Master
Rohan Dean 2454 Nauti Buoy II Australia 8.2m Junior
Peter Dean 2496 YIRA KOOLING Australia 8.2m Master

Event Notice Board

No Notice to Competitors have been published yet.

Event Charter Boats

WASZP takes no responsibility in the transactions that take place between sailors relating to the charters. These are private transactions outside of the WASZP organization. WASZP takes no responsibility for the quality of the charters or any issues that occur between the parties.

Charter Boats Available

User Message

Sailors looking to charter boats

User Message
Ettore Botticini Hi Everybody, I'm coming from Italy to sail in the beautiful waters of Sorrento, I'm looking for a brand new boat to charter for the whole event + 5 days before the event. Thanks in advance and see you there! Contact
Pit Müller Hallo. Together with my wife I plan a trip in Australia this december and january. As a WASZP sailor i liked to sail the championship. So I am looking for a Charter Boat. I sail my WASZP (SUI 2194) since 2017. Contact: pit.mueller@quickline.ch Mobile +41 79 666 62 92. Contact