WASZP Americas 2023

Tier 2 | Championship

CORK / Sail Kingston, Canada

28 June 2023 - 03 July 2023

Required membership: International WASZP Class Membership 2023

Event Information:

EARLY ENTRY FEE UNTIL 1 MAY $350. $400 USD thereafter.

GREEN FLEET: Every WASZP sailor is encouraged to get to the start line. At this event, a Green Fleet option is available to WASZP sailors that could do with some extra coaching around the course. The Green Fleet is open to any age and any rig. The entry fee is the same for Green Fleet. The Green Fleet format will be communicated nearer the event when numbers are clear but will include a dedicated Green Fleet coach for the duration of the event, with daily briefings and debriefs. Green Fleet sailing may take place on the main course or separate course, subject to numbers.

The venue for the 2023 WASZP Americas Championship has been confirmed as CORK / Sail Kingston in Ontario, Canada. Following a successful first edition of the WASZP Americas Championship in Richmond, California in 2022, the fleet now looks forward to its first major international competition in Canada, set to take place from 28 June – 3 July.

The Canadian WASZP fleet has been building steadily for a few years, but over the past 12 months the growth has exploded! Sailing and foiling in Canada is moving into the mainstream building from the momentum of the Canada SailGP team, which is currently in its first season of the global league. Behind the scenes, the Canadian WASZP Class has put in an incredible effort to leverage the opportunity and expose as many young sailors as possible to foiling coast-to-coast. In 2022, over 500 WASZP demos were completed as part of the #weCANfoil initiative in conjunction with the SailGP team and, as is the case all over the world, the sailors loved the boat with many now looking to join the swarm.

“The collective effort from the WASZP and foiling community in Canada has been nothing short of inspiring and has really set the bar high. Heading to Canada for a major WASZP event in 2023 is the next step in the journey and we can’t wait to see the impact this has on the class. WASZP sailing is all about the overall sailor experience and I know the buzz at this event will be infectious, on and off the water.” – Martin Evans, WASZP Class Manager

Sailors from all over the Americas are expected to join the Canadian fleet. Most boats from the increasingly active US fleet are within a day’s drive and the reliably keen Hawaiians are sure to make the trip. With charter boats available, the event is also accessible to Europeans, South Americans, Australasians and any other foilers who want to enjoy one-design foiling and the famous WASZP vibes at a world-class venue.

CORK has over 50 years of experience in delivering world-class regattas on one of the world’s best freshwater venues, with regular world championship titles decided on its waters. CORK runs the largest annual series of regattas in Canada and the largest annual freshwater series in the Americas. With the sole mandate of promoting sailing in Canada, the people at CORK strive for truly outstanding events and the 2023 WASZP Americas will be no exception.

“CORK / Sail Kingston is very much looking forward to hosting the 2023 WASZP Americas Championships and creating an exciting foiling competition. We have seen lots of growth in WASZP class in Canada and are thrilled to welcome sailors to the Kingston area.”. – Sarah Donaldson, Executive Director, CORK / Sail Kingston


Based at Portsmouth Olympic Harbour, the home of the 1976 Olympics, competitors can expect easy launching, a short sail to the course area, and all the facilities they might need. On the water, Kingston is famous for its reliable summer winds that are sure to deliver champagne sailing for the WASZP class. There are stores, restaurants, bars and food markets within walking distance and plenty more to enjoy across the rest of the city.

Situated in the northeast corner of Lake Ontario, Kingston is a vibrant city equipped with an international airport, countless bars, restaurants and of course, an outstanding centre for sailing at Portsmouth Olympic Harbour. Kingston’s downtown is listed in the top three in Canada and the city is ranked second in the country for quality of life - it is a fantastic place to visit. Sailing and sports tourism is a priority for the city, so sailors and families can expect an extremely warm welcome and can look forward to unforgettable experiences on and off the water. 

Every WASZP sailor is welcome regardless of ability or experience. The WASZP class is one of the most inclusive out there and strives to offer the best sailing experiences to every competitor. Join us to race, to learn, to meet likeminded people and most importantly, to have a blast.

# Competitor Name Country Sail Number Boat Name Division Sail Size
1 Gavin Ball United States 2718 Malolo Youth 8.2m
2 Tate Howell Canada 2000 Youth 8.2m
3 Angus Aitken Canada 4142 Youth 8.2m
4 Pearl Lattanzi United States 3440 Youth 8.2m
5 Evania Lovshin Canada 8880 Junior 8.2m
6 Kyber Lovshin Canada 8888 Junior 8.2m
7 Nathan Duffar-Calder Canada 3085 Junior 8.2m
8 Thomas Sitzmann United States 3255 Junior 8.2m
9 Sébastien Hubert Canada 3413 Junior 8.2m
10 Jackson Macaulay Canada 3254 BARB Youth 8.2m
11 Matt Young Canada 9998 Junior 8.2m
12 Hunter Hoy Canada 3047 Youth 8.2m
13 Trevor Parekh Canada 9999 Allo Police Master 8.2m
14 Saskia van Hell Canada 3048 Junior 6.9m
15 Luis Dingo Canuto Argentina 2080 Master 8.2m
16 Alexander Ottodinoto Canada 3529 Junior 8.2m
17 Ben Sweeny Canada 3525 ƒ(x) Junior 8.2m
18 Will Bonin Canada 2715 Youth 8.2m
19 Jordan Oszlak Canada 3465 Junior 8.2m
20 Wyatt Rainham Canada 3415 The Kraken Junior 8.2m
21 Lauren Laventure Canada 2356 Trash Panda Apprentice 8.2m
22 Joshua Ip Canada 2968 Endeavour Youth 8.2m
23 Andi Kinnear Canada 3092 Junior 8.2m
24 Andrew Chisholm Canada 3143 Junior 8.2m
25 Grace Poole Canada 3526 Junior 8.2m
26 Matthew Stranaghan Canada 2082 Tomato Soup Junior 8.2m
27 Austin Powers United States 3082 Shaguar 2 Apprentice 8.2m
28 Galen Richardson Canada 3096 Zazu Junior 8.2m
29 Reed Baldridge United States 2711 Apprentice 8.2m
30 Zaak Beekman United States 3087 Magic Carpet Apprentice 8.2m
Place Competitor Name Sail Number Boat Name Country Sail Size Division Score Points
Gavin Ball 2718 Malolo United States 8.2m Youth
Tate Howell 2000 Canada 8.2m Youth
Angus Aitken 4142 Canada 8.2m Youth
Pearl Lattanzi 3440 United States 8.2m Youth
Evania Lovshin 8880 Canada 8.2m Junior
Kyber Lovshin 8888 Canada 8.2m Junior
Nathan Duffar-Calder 3085 Canada 8.2m Junior
Thomas Sitzmann 3255 United States 8.2m Junior
Sébastien Hubert 3413 Canada 8.2m Junior
Jackson Macaulay 3254 BARB Canada 8.2m Youth
Matt Young 9998 Canada 8.2m Junior
Hunter Hoy 3047 Canada 8.2m Youth
Trevor Parekh 9999 Allo Police Canada 8.2m Master
Saskia van Hell 3048 Canada 6.9m Junior
Luis Dingo Canuto 2080 Argentina 8.2m Master
Alexander Ottodinoto 3529 Canada 8.2m Junior
Ben Sweeny 3525 ƒ(x) Canada 8.2m Junior
Will Bonin 2715 Canada 8.2m Youth
Jordan Oszlak 3465 Canada 8.2m Junior
Wyatt Rainham 3415 The Kraken Canada 8.2m Junior
Lauren Laventure 2356 Trash Panda Canada 8.2m Apprentice
Joshua Ip 2968 Endeavour Canada 8.2m Youth
Andi Kinnear 3092 Canada 8.2m Junior
Andrew Chisholm 3143 Canada 8.2m Junior
Grace Poole 3526 Canada 8.2m Junior
Matthew Stranaghan 2082 Tomato Soup Canada 8.2m Junior
Austin Powers 3082 Shaguar 2 United States 8.2m Apprentice
Galen Richardson 3096 Zazu Canada 8.2m Junior
Reed Baldridge 2711 United States 8.2m Apprentice
Zaak Beekman 3087 Magic Carpet United States 8.2m Apprentice

Event Notice Board

NTC # 1 - U18 Waiver Form
Posted: 17 May 2023
NTC # 2 - 18+ Waiver Form
Posted: 17 May 2023

Event Charter Boats

WASZP takes no responsibility in the transactions that take place between sailors relating to the charters. These are private transactions outside of the WASZP organization. WASZP takes no responsibility for the quality of the charters or any issues that occur between the parties.

Charter Boats Available

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Sailors looking to charter boats

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Charlie Osmond Hi, I would love to charter for the first two days - Thur29th and Friday30th. I cannot make the rest of the competition unfortunately, but I am sure there are others who'd like a boat for the weekend. I own a WASZP but it is based in the Caribbean and I sadly cannot ship it. I will treat yours with the greatest care and attention. Contact
Aaron Tsuchitori Aloha everyone, I am a Waszp sailor from Hawaii interested in participating in this event. I am seeking a charter boat, I can bring my own sail. Contact