US National Championship Sponsored by Rooster

Tier 3 | Championship

Hampton Yacht Club, United States

19 October 2023 - 22 October 2023

Required membership: US WASZP Class Membership 2023 OR Canadian WASZP Class Association Membership 2023

Event Information:

Join us for some intense fall racing on the temperate waters of the southern Chesapeake Bay, in Hampton Virginia. Compete in the event to be crowned the number 1 WASZP Sailor in the US! A great lineup of 1 practice and slalom day followed by 4 days of championship racing and social events awaits!

UPDATE: Early registration extended through September 15th!

UPDATE #2: Official Notices, the NOR, NOR amendments, and SIs have been moved to the event clubspot page here: Additionally a cheaper, 3-day junior and youth (U21) registration option is available through the clubspot link. ONLY JUNIORS AND YOUTHS RACING FRIDAY–SUNDAY SHOULD REGISTER ON CLUBSPOT. EVERYONE ELSE SHOULD REGISTER HERE THROUGH RACEHUB.

Make sure to register and pay before September 15th for a substantial $55.00 discount on registrations fees. Sign up below. 2023 WASZP USA membership required, available for purchase here. (A WASZP CAN membership will be accepted in lieu of a WASZP USA membership for Canadians.)

Thanks to Rooster for sponsoring this regatta series!

# Competitor Name Country Sail Number Boat Name Division Sail Size
1 Reed Baldridge United States 2711 Not Available 8.2m
2 Sam Blouin United States 2723 Phoenix Not Available 8.2m
3 Austin Powers United States 3082 Shaguar 2 Not Available 8.2m
4 Samuel Bonin Canada 3259 Not Available 8.2m
5 Zach Severson United States 2716 Not Available 8.2m
6 Pearl Lattanzi United States 3440 Not Available 8.2m
7 David Myers Loring United States 2876 Shaka Not Available 8.2m
8 Lauren Laventure Canada 2356 Trash Panda Not Available 8.2m
9 Trevor Parekh Canada 3521 Allo Police Not Available 8.2m
10 Christopher Draper United States 3253 Not Available 8.2m
11 Tommy Henshaw United States 3247 Survival Mode Not Available 8.2m
12 Zaak Beekman United States 3087 Magic Carpet Not Available 8.2m
13 Ryan Wood United States 2036 Not Available 8.2m
14 Daniel Draper United States 3535 Not Available 8.2m
15 Maya Kwasniewski United States 3248 Not Available 8.2m
16 Rick Wood United States 3080 Pazzesca Not Available 8.2m
Place Competitor Name Sail Number Boat Name Country Sail Size Division Score Points
1 Reed Baldridge 2711 United States 8.2m Not Available 9 150.00
2 Sam Blouin 2723 Phoenix United States 8.2m Not Available 32 129.00
3 Austin Powers 3082 Shaguar 2 United States 8.2m Not Available 33 111.00
4 Samuel Bonin 3259 Canada 8.2m Not Available 34 95.00
5 Zach Severson 2716 United States 8.2m Not Available 39 82.00
6 Pearl Lattanzi 3440 United States 8.2m Not Available 50 70.00
7 David Myers Loring 2876 Shaka United States 8.2m Not Available 54 60.00
8 Lauren Laventure 2356 Trash Panda Canada 8.2m Not Available 67 52.00
9 Trevor Parekh 3521 Allo Police Canada 8.2m Not Available 94 45.00
10 Christopher Draper 3253 United States 8.2m Not Available 108 38.00
11 Tommy Henshaw 3247 Survival Mode United States 8.2m Not Available 120 33.00
12 Zaak Beekman 3087 Magic Carpet United States 8.2m Not Available 121 28.00
13 Ryan Wood 2036 United States 8.2m Not Available 125 24.00
14 Daniel Draper 3535 United States 8.2m Not Available 135 21.00
15 Maya Kwasniewski 3248 United States 8.2m Not Available 143 18.00
16 Rick Wood 3080 Pazzesca United States 8.2m Not Available 147 1.00

Event Notice Board

NTC # 1 - Competitors WhatsApp
Posted: 30 August 2023
NTC # 2 - NOR Amendment #1
Posted: 03 October 2023

Final Event Results

No results have been published yet.

Event Charter Boats

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