WASZP USA Midwinter Championship

Tier 3 | Championship

US Sailing Center Martin County, Jensen Beach, FL, United States

16 December 2022 - 18 December 2022

Required membership: US WASZP Class Membership 2023

Event Information:

Foil away those winter blues and join us for the 2022 WASZP Winter Championship in sunny Jensen Beach Florida! Held at the US Sailing Center Martin County (USSCMC), this is sure to be a regatta you won't want to miss. Keep your sailing and foiling skills sharp this winter by competing against WASZP sailors from around North America.

NOTE: Early check in and practice will be held on Thursday, the 15th of December.

ANNOUNCEMENT: There will now be an official clinic held ahead of the regatta with coaching from multiple time North American WASZP champion, Conner Blouin!

Important FYI: Regatta Registration is through ClubSpot for this event. Clicking the buttons (event website or event entry) below will take you there to register. The list of competitors here on Race Hub is *NOT* automatically updated. It is updated manually, and for your name to show up here it is required that you have made a sailor profile. It may take quite some time after registering on Club Spot for your name to appear below. Having a sailor profile will also ensure that you can be listed in the global rankings. In 2023 US events will be transitioning regatta registration & entry for the majority of events, as well as WASZP US membership, to RaceHub, so make a free sailor profile now if you have not done so already.

# Competitor Name Country Sail Number Boat Name Division Sail Size
1 Gavin Ball United States 2718 Malolo Junior 8.2m
2 Conner Blouin United States 2218 Pegasus Apprentice 8.2m
3 Thomas Sitzmann United States 3255 sail1design Junior 8.2m
4 Pearl Lattanzi United States 3440 Youth 8.2m
5 Bryce Huntoon United States 5557 Junior 8.2m
6 Jackson Macaulay Canada 3142 BARB Junior 8.2m
7 Jaxon Hottinger United States 3438 Junior 8.2m
8 Scrivan United States 3437 Master 8.2m
9 Andrew Chisholm Canada 3143 Junior 8.2m
10 Rachael Betschart Canada 3088 Junior 8.2m
11 Matthew Stranaghan Canada 2082 Junior 8.2m
12 Kyber Lovshin Canada 3094 Junior 8.2m
13 Ethan lounsbury United States 2430 Apprentice 8.2m
14 Beccy Anderson United States 2073 Apprentice 8.2m
15 Henry Gale United States 2556 Pair of Aces Super Master 8.2m
16 Rick Wood United States 3080 Pazzesca Super Master 8.2m
17 Harry Kaya Prager United States 2557 Junior 8.2m
18 Matthew Harden United States 2063 Super Master 8.2m
19 Wayne Colahan United States 2031 Master 8.2m
Place Competitor Name Sail Number Boat Name Country Sail Size Division Score Points
1 Gavin Ball 2718 Malolo United States 8.2m Junior 13 150.00
2 Conner Blouin 2218 Pegasus United States 8.2m Apprentice 17 129.00
3 Thomas Sitzmann 3255 sail1design United States 8.2m Junior 19 111.00
4 Pearl Lattanzi 3440 United States 8.2m Youth 27 95.00
5 Bryce Huntoon 5557 United States 8.2m Junior 43 82.00
6 Jackson Macaulay 3142 BARB Canada 8.2m Junior 57 70.00
7 Jaxon Hottinger 3438 United States 8.2m Junior 57 60.00
8 Scrivan 3437 United States 8.2m Master 60 52.00
9 Andrew Chisholm 3143 Canada 8.2m Junior 63 45.00
10 Rachael Betschart 3088 Canada 8.2m Junior 67 38.00
11 Matthew Stranaghan 2082 Canada 8.2m Junior 96 33.00
12 Kyber Lovshin 3094 Canada 8.2m Junior 96 28.00
13 Ethan lounsbury 2430 United States 8.2m Apprentice 100 24.00
14 Beccy Anderson 2073 United States 8.2m Apprentice 125 21.00
15 Henry Gale 2556 Pair of Aces United States 8.2m Super Master 128 18.00
16 Rick Wood 3080 Pazzesca United States 8.2m Super Master 148 14.60
17 Harry Kaya Prager 2557 United States 8.2m Junior 150 11.20
18 Matthew Harden 2063 United States 8.2m Super Master 166 7.80
20 Wayne Colahan 2031 United States 8.2m Master 181 1.00

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WASZP USA Midwinter Championship - Results

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