VICTORIAN State Championships

Tier 3 | Championship

Indented Head Yacht Club, Australia

26 March 2022 - 27 March 2022

Required membership: Australian WASZP Class Membership 2021-22

Event Information:

After a sensational event in November, the Victorian fleet is heading back to Indented Head Yacht Club for their state championships on the last weekend in March. This fantastic location for WASZP racing has everything you could want from a WASZP event. Camping next to the club is available >>> Batman Park is the Camp ground you are after.

There are pubs nearby and plenty to do on the Bellarine for family and friends. But most of all, the glamour flat water conditions with classic sea breezes is what we are all chasing!

This is a fantastic opportunity for those who are heading to Lake Garda for the WASZP Games to get an event in prior to packing the container, visitors are welcome!

# Competitor Name Country Sail Number Boat Name Division Sail Size
1 Jack Felsenthal Australia 2492 Maximus Not Available 8.2m
2 Tom trotman Australia 2150 Not Available 8.2m
3 Conall Green Australia 2439 HORNET Not Available 8.2m
4 Ben Gunther Australia 2780 Blitz Not Available 8.2m
5 Andrew McDougall Australia 2014 WASZP Not Available 8.2m
6 Aidan Simmons Australia 3166 TBC Not Available 6.9m
7 Tom Klemens Australia 2458 Not Available 8.2m
8 Louis Schofield Australia 2452 INAMORATA Not Available 8.2m
9 Lachlan Vaughan Australia 2495 VC Not Available 8.2m
10 Patrick Distefano Australia 2453 Cosmo Not Available 8.2m
11 Oscar Henderson Australia 2769 The Grouch Not Available 8.2m
12 Ashton Rawstron Australia 2442 Flying car Not Available 8.2m
13 Matthew Webb Australia 2446 SR2 Not Available 8.2m
14 Lachlan Pearman Australia 2014 Pajero Not Available 8.2m
15 Andrew King Australia 3005 Challenger Not Available 8.2m
16 Alison Dale Australia 2486 STING Not Available 8.2m
17 Garry Essex Australia 3158 Shimmer Not Available 8.2m
18 Louis Tilly Australia 2650 Supercilious Not Available 8.2m
19 Jervis Tilly Australia 3036 Superfluous Not Available 8.2m
Place Competitor Name Sail Number Boat Name Country Sail Size Division Score Points
1 Jack Felsenthal 2492 Maximus Australia 8.2m Not Available 5 150.00
2 Tom trotman 2150 Australia 8.2m Not Available 14 129.00
3 Conall Green 2439 HORNET Australia 8.2m Not Available 16 111.00
4 Ben Gunther 2780 Blitz Australia 8.2m Not Available 17 95.00
5 Andrew McDougall 2014 WASZP Australia 8.2m Not Available 17 82.00
6 Aidan Simmons 3166 TBC Australia 6.9m Not Available 19 70.00
7 Tom Klemens 2458 Australia 8.2m Not Available 25 60.00
8 Louis Schofield 2452 INAMORATA Australia 8.2m Not Available 25 52.00
9 Lachlan Vaughan 2495 VC Australia 8.2m Not Available 28 45.00
10 Patrick Distefano 2453 Cosmo Australia 8.2m Not Available 29 38.00
11 Oscar Henderson 2769 The Grouch Australia 8.2m Not Available 33 33.00
12 Ashton Rawstron 2442 Flying car Australia 8.2m Not Available 49 28.00
13 Matthew Webb 2446 SR2 Australia 8.2m Not Available 51 24.00
14 Lachlan Pearman 2014 Pajero Australia 8.2m Not Available 52 21.00
15 Andrew King 3005 Challenger Australia 8.2m Not Available 57 18.00
16 Alison Dale 2486 STING Australia 8.2m Not Available 58 13.75
17 Garry Essex 3158 Shimmer Australia 8.2m Not Available 59 9.50
18 Louis Tilly 2650 Supercilious Australia 8.2m Not Available 60 5.25
19 Jervis Tilly 3036 Superfluous Australia 8.2m Not Available 61 1.00

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