Pre-Nationals Training

Tier 3 | Training

WPNSA, United Kingdom

20 June 2022 - 22 June 2022

Entry Fee: GBP 90

Required membership: UK WASZP Class Membership 2022

Event Information:

Welcoming all sailors to brush up on their skills before the premier event in the UK calendar!

In 2021, there were sailors that took their first sail in a WASZP during this training before competing at the national championships, so even if you're new to the class, it is well worth attending and going on to enter the nationals. You'll have an amazing time, learn a huge amount and meet loads of great people.

# Competitor Name Country Sail Number Boat Name Division Sail Size
1 Christian Smart United Kingdom 2375 Master (40+) 8.2m
2 chris holman United Kingdom 2242 Apprentice (21-39) 8.2m
3 Max Goodbody Ireland 3041 Octopussy Youth (U21) 8.2m
4 Henry Start Ireland 2752 Apprentice (21-39) 8.2m
5 William Symonds Hong Kong 2479 Geddon Youth (U21) 8.2m
6 Lewis Agate United Kingdom 3237 U16 6.9m
7 Lewis Clark United Kingdom 2976 Pamela Youth (U21) 8.2m
8 Daniel Goodman New Zealand 2928 Marmite Super Master (50+) 8.2m
9 Thomas Parkhurst United Kingdom 3140 Apprentice (21-39) 8.2m
10 Nick Ireland United Kingdom 2974 Buzz Off Super Master (50+) 8.2m
11 Rory Dixon United Kingdom 2305 The Blue Rocket U16 8.2m
12 Chris Keatley United Kingdom 2522 Apprentice (21-39) 8.2m
13 Andrew Conan Ireland 2367 Junior (U18) 6.9m
Place Competitor Name Sail Number Boat Name Country Sail Size Division Score Points
Christian Smart 2375 United Kingdom 8.2m Master (40+)
chris holman 2242 United Kingdom 8.2m Apprentice (21-39)
Max Goodbody 3041 Octopussy Ireland 8.2m Youth (U21)
Henry Start 2752 Ireland 8.2m Apprentice (21-39)
William Symonds 2479 Geddon Hong Kong 8.2m Youth (U21)
Lewis Agate 3237 United Kingdom 6.9m U16
Lewis Clark 2976 Pamela United Kingdom 8.2m Youth (U21)
Daniel Goodman 2928 Marmite New Zealand 8.2m Super Master (50+)
Thomas Parkhurst 3140 United Kingdom 8.2m Apprentice (21-39)
Nick Ireland 2974 Buzz Off United Kingdom 8.2m Super Master (50+)
Rory Dixon 2305 The Blue Rocket United Kingdom 8.2m U16
Chris Keatley 2522 United Kingdom 8.2m Apprentice (21-39)
Andrew Conan 2367 Ireland 6.9m Junior (U18)

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